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Multiplex IHC



Product Overview

Indica Labs’ Multiplex IHC module separates up to five stains simultaneously within any cellular compartment (nucleus, cytoplasm or membrane) and can be used for a variety of IHC applications.  This module is ideally suited for applications in immuno-oncology where multiple markers are required to characterize distinct immune and tumor cell populations within the tissue.  Each cell is individually measured for cytoplasmic, nuclear, and/or membrane positivity.  The software also reports a variety of other statistics relating size and staining intensity metrics.

In the example above, a tissue core is stained with a brown (DAB) nuclear marker, blue membrane marker, pink/red cytoplasmic marker, and nuclear hematoxylin counterstain.  Cells are segmented using a combination of the two nuclear stains (hematoxylin and DAB) and one membrane stain (blue).  In the corresponding markup image, positive nuclei are colored brown and negative nuclei colored blue.  Similarly, cells identified as positive for the membrane marker are colored blue and cells identified as positive for cytoplasmic marker are pink.  Advanced staining courtesy of the Trev and Joyce Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency.

The Multiplex IHC module integrates seamlessly into the HALO® platform which is compatible with a number of third party systems and  file formats.

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Indica Labs’ Multiplex IHC module separates up to five stains simultaneously within any cellular compartment (nucleus, cytoplasm or membrane) and can be used for a variety of IHC applications. This module is ideally suited for applications in immuno-oncology where multiple markers are required to characterize distinct immune and tumor cell populations within the tissue. Each cell is individually measured for cytoplasmic, nuclear, and/or membrane positivity. The software also reports a variety of other statistics relating size and staining intensity metrics.

In the example above, a tissue core is stained with a brown (DAB) nuclear marker, blue membrane marker, pink/red cytoplasmic marker, and nuclear hematoxylin counterstain. Cells are segmented using a combination of the two nuclear stains (hematoxylin and DAB) and one membrane stain (blue). In the corresponding markup image, positive nuclei are colored brown and negative nuclei colored blue. Similarly, cells identified as positive for the membrane marker are colored blue and cells identified as positive for cytoplasmic marker are pink. Advanced staining courtesy of the Trev and Joyce Deeley Research Centre, BC Cancer Agency.

Here are a few publications that cite use of our Multiplex IHC module.  Your publication not on the list?  Drop us an email to let us know about it!

TitleAuthorsYearJournalApplicationHALO Modules
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Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry for Molecular and Immune Profiling in Lung Cancer—Just About
Ready for Prime-Time?
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Immuno-Interface Score to Predict Outcome in
Colorectal Cancer Independent of Microsatellite
Instability Status
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An Antibody Targeting ICOS Increases Intratumoral
Cytotoxic to Regulatory T-cell Ratio and Induces Tumor
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DS-7300a, a DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitor, DXd-based Antibody-Drug Conjugate 2 Targeting B7-H3 Exerts Potent Antitumor Activities in Preclinical ModelsYamato M, Hasegawa J, Maejima T, Hattori C, Kumagai K, Watanabe A, Nishiya Y, Shibutani T, Aida T, Hayakawa I, Nakada T, Abe Y, Agatsuma T2022Molecular Cancer TherapeuticsOncologyMultiplex IHC
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Bright-Field Multiplex Immunohistochemistry Assay for Tumor Microenvironment Evaluation in Melanoma TissuesUgolini F, Pasqualini E, Simi S, Baroni G, Massi D2022CancersOtherMultiplex IHC

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