Indica Labs announce release of HALO 2.0

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Indica Labs announce release of HALO 2.0

Corrales, NM – 11 April, 2016 – Indica Labs, a leading provider of software for quantitative evaluation of digital pathology images, is pleased to announce the latest release of its flagship image analysis platform, HALOTM.  Established as the industry’s fastest and most user-friendly analysis platform, HALO 2.0 adds new capabilities, support for new file formats, and even greater ease-of-use.

Those familiar with HALO will recognize the new, more modern look-and-feel of HALO 2.0 including interchangeable dark and light skins designed to ease eye-strain when working with darkfield and brightfield images.  While this is the most obvious change, improvements are much more than skin deep.  HALO 2.0 adds a new tuning interface to make analysis set-up even easier, the ability to create spatial plots, heat maps, and histograms from any HALO analysis result, and tools for data import/export, sharing, archiving, and report generation.

New modules are also available with HALO 2.0, including spatial analysis and high-plex FL.  Particular important for those conducting immuno-oncology and angiogenesis research, the spatial analysis module is actually a suite of tools for analysing proximity and relative spatial distribution of objects, cells and/or features across single tissues or serial sections.  The high-plex FL module allows for simultaneous analysis of up to 8 markers and can be used in conjunction with most fluorescent whole-slide image format, including newly added support for multispectral floating-point qptiff images and whole-slide images produced from the Perkin-Elmer Vectra® 3 platform.

“Driven by our commitment to customer-centric product development, HALO has evolved rapidly and, in a relatively short space of four years, has become the image analysis platform of choice by 10 out of the top 12 pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of pathology labs worldwide,” says Steven Hashagen, CEO of Indica Labs, “With HALO 2.0, we are again improving ease-of-use while at the same time incorporating new features requested by the HALO community.”

Please follow this link  to view our recent webinar covering some of the new features in HALO 2.0.  To request a live demonstration, software trial or upgrade to your existing HALO platform, please contact us at


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Indica Labs is a leading provider of software for quantitative evaluation of digital pathology images.  Indica Lab’s HALO™ image analysis platform provides a unique combination of precision, performance, scalability, and usability which underpins a broad range of industry-leading, application-specific image analysis modules.  Pharmaceutical and medical research organizations worldwide utilize HALO to support tissue-based research programs in neuroscience, metabolism, oncology, toxicological pathology, and more.  For more information, please visit