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Indica Labs is excited to introduce our new HALO® Masterclass Webinar Series. Each masterclass webinar will offer a deep dive into a specific module or capability within our HALO, HALO AI, HALO Link or HALO AP platforms, presented by our expert team of application scientists who train and support our customer base worldwide.

These webinars are suitable for prospective customers who want to see a more in depth demonstration as well as current users looking for refresher training or additional tips and tricks.

Registration is required for each webinar and participation will be limited, so early registration is encourage.


9th April | HALO Image Analysis Masterclass – TMA Workflow

In this webinar, our UK-based application scientist, Dr. Natasha Carmell, will introduce and demonstrate the tissue microarray (TMA) workflow within HALO and HALO Link. This masterclass is suitable for anyone looking for a more in depth demonstration of the TMA module as well as existing users who would benefit from refresher training and some tips and trick to help you get the most out of the module.

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15th April | HALO Image Analysis Masterclass – Spatial Analysis 

The spatial analysis module has evolved significantly over the last few HALO releases. In this webinar, our UK Applications Manager, Dr. Sean Griffiths, will discuss and demonstrate the four types of analysis included with the spatial analysis module – nearest neighbor, proximity, infiltration, and density heatmaps – including some output options you might not know about yet.

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7th May | HALO Image Analysis Masterclass – Serial Section and Serial Stain Fusion Workflows

Application Scientist, Alyssa Myers, will demonstrate the serial stain fusion and serial section registration workflows in HALO. Learn the difference between these two workflows and relevant applications for each, plus tips on how to troubleshoot common issues with registration.

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28th May | HALO Image Analysis Masterclass – RNAscope Analysis

Application Scientist, Donald Allen, will discuss and demonstrate the analysis options available for RNAscope assays – chromogenic ISH, multiplex FISH, combined ISH+-IHC and combined FISH-IF – including exciting new options for AI-based nuclear segmentation which can significantly improve cell detection with these assays.

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4th June | HALO Image Analysis Masterclass – Highplex FL

In this webinar, Adam Smith, our US-based Life Science Applications Director, will introduce and demonstrate the Highplex FL module, including new features designed to simplify analysis optimization of ultra-highplex imaging modalities. This masterclass will benefit existing customers who want to take a closer look at new features as well as those looking for a more in depth demonstration of multiplexed fluorescence analysis capabilities in HALO.

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25th June | HALO Image Analysis Masterclass – HALO AI Classification Workflow 

Life Science Product Director, Dr. Anne Hellebust, will discuss and demonstrate the tissue classification workflow within HALO, including a complete discussion on advanced options as well as tips and tricks for getting the best results.   Anne will introduce each of the neural networks that are included with HALO AI and applications suitable for each network.

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8th July | Joint Masterclass with Roche Tissue Diagnostics – Multiplex IHC Staining & Analysis Workflow

Join Indica Labs for a special joint masterclass webinar with Roche Tissue Diagnostics! In this webinar, Dr. Mélanie Beaulande, EMEA Scientific Expert in Discovery & Multiplexing at Roche Tissue Diagnostics will introduce the DISCOVERY detection reagents and discuss best practices, tips and tricks and use cases for chromogenic multiplexed immunohistochemistry (IHC). Following this, Indica Labs’ Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Kate Tunstall will give an overview of the Multiplex IHC module, discuss analysis considerations when multiplexing with DISCOVERY detection reagents, and analysis validation followed by a demonstration of the Multiplex IHC workflow in HALO 3.1.

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