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Indica Labs is transforming tissue-based research and diagnostics with computational pathology and AI.

Our Products and Services

Indica Labs is the global leader in AI-powered digital pathology software and services. Our flagship HALO® and HALO AI platform revolutionizes quantitative evaluation of whole slide images. HALO Link provides collaborative image management while HALO AP® and HALO AP Dx deliver enterprise digital pathology for primary diagnosis with regulatory clearances in multiple markets. Through a commitment to open pathology, performance, scalability, and ease-of-use, we help pharma companies, diagnostic labs, hospitals, research organizations, and Indica’s own Cloud and Pharma Services make discoveries and diagnoses that transform patient care and scientific discovery.  

Location and Community

Indica Labs is proudly headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. With Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia National Laboratories, the University of New Mexico, New Mexico Tech and the Santa Fe Institute in close proximity to Albuquerque, this beautiful part of central New Mexico boasts a long and rich history in research & development and technology which continues today with strong support from state and local agencies.

Not in the US? You’re in luck! We also have staff in Europe, China, and Japan. Go to the contact us page to get in touch.

The Indica Labs' Team

Drawing from the rich pool of local talent in central New Mexico, our software development and IT support team are experts in their fields, including image analysis, artificial intelligence, web development, databases, network architecture and security. Our PhD-level field application support and pharma services teams come from leading research organizations worldwide and provide expertise in a diversity of research areas.
We don’t believe in pushy sales strategies here at Indica Labs. Our experience tells us that solid technology and innovation, backed by top notch support and scientific expertise, sells itself. We hope you agree.

Our Customers

Our customers provide valuable feedback and suggestions which drive development and innovation. In fact, almost everything we build starts with customer input and almost all of our new customers were recommended to us by existing customers. Simply put – our customers are the life blood of our company!  Here are a few from our growing list of customers including leading pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare organizations worldwide.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Read independent SelectScience reviews on our products and services and learn how these customers are using Indica Labs’ solutions to streamline their workflows.

HALO is a user-friendly & powerful tool for image analysis w/ great technical support.

"HALO is extremely straight forward and easy to use. Great and useful features include: 1. The real-time tuning tool to allow a live view of the effects of various analysis parameters for easy optimization. 2. Annotation tools make it easy to select regions of interest. 3. The ability to perform batch analysis on many images at once. 4. Useful and handy multi-panel figure maker that makes it easy for publication."

Joey Orpilla


For the Pathologist, HALO is by far the best digital image analysis platform available.

"As a Pathologist specializing in digital image analysis, I have had the opportunity to use several different digital image analysis platforms. Indica Labs' HALO is by far the most accurate, versatile and user friendly digital image analysis platform that I have used. Literally within 10-15 minutes of "tuning" one of their "out of the box" detection algorithms, I can perform image analysis for most simple immunohistochemical markers. The workflow is simple, with sacanned images being imported directly into HALO with or without annotations for analysis. This even allows for remote use when working off site. The customer support is AMAZING and I routinely get same day or next day help from the technical support reps. HALO is a must have for any pathologist or scientist involved in quantifying immunohistochemical stains. In addition the HALO AI module is extremely easy to use. Within 20 minutes I was able to set up AI detection of tumor vs. normal tissue, as well as tumor epithelium vs. stroma. HALO provides everything one needs for quantification of IHC for clinical and pre-clinical studies (of course with supervision of a pathologist). Best of all: it is fun, like a video game for Pathologists! "

Philip Martin


We use HALO & HALO Link daily to coordinate studies for our analysts and pathologists.

"HALO is a whole-slide image analysis platform that is designed to work how pathologists classify & score images using a microscope. It uses a set of tools that are very familiar to anyone who has used any type of image viewing/editing program at home. It can be learned in a day to analyze brightfield & fluorescent whole slide images and TMAs. There are sophisticated tools to analyze tissues labeled by chromogenic and fluorescent IHC, RNAScope, FISH & ISH. HALO may be installed on stand-alone workstations or cloud services such as AWS. File sharing through HALO Link lets users access studies through a simple web-interface sharing a common database. HALO AI allows any user to developing sophisticated AI based tissue classification without the need for external programs or expensive computing hardware."

Timothy Baradet

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Wonderful products, it is far beyond our expectations.

"Our lab both have the Halo Image Analysis System and the Halo AI, honestly speaking, the Halo system is beyond our expectations, especially the analysis process, annotation tools, the adjustable parameters, the texture and morphological recognition of nuclear and specific structure, and the after-sale care I strongly recommend you guys to choose it. it really worth the money."

IanIan Li


Indica Pharma Services is a key partner in our digital pathology efforts.

"Indica's Pharma Services team is a knowledgeable and customer-focused workhorse that has driven our digital pathology efforts forward. They contribute scientific creativity, attention to detail, and a consistent willingness to tailor their work to meet customer objectives."

Andre Mignault

Tango Therapeutics

I strongly recommend Indica Labs' Pharma Services team.

"The Pharma Services team at Indica Labs are highly professional, detail oriented, and able to deliver results very rapidly. The team is very supportive throughout the whole process."

Silvia Smaldone

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

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