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Vacuole Quantification

Quantifies vacuole area, diameter, perimeter, and number of vacuoles per region of interest. Measures steatosis in kidney, lipid droplets in adipose tissue, and alveolar area in lung tissue.

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Area Quantification

Deconvolve up to five colors in brightfield and measure positive area and average optical density for each stain and stain colocalization (where applicable).

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Axon Quantification

Quantify axons in cross sections. Calculate axon area, myelin area, myelin thickness, inner and outer axon diameter, and G-ratio.

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Area Quantification FL

Measure the positive area, average intensity and dye colocalization (where applicable) of an unlimited number of fluorescent dyes.

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Highplex FL

Quantify expression of an unlimited number of biomarkers in any cellular compartment - membrane, nucleus or cytoplasm.

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Multiplex IHC

Quantify expression of up to five brightfield stains in any cellular compartment - membrane, nucleus or cytoplasm.

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Object Colocalization

Count one or two objects and measure the object area, diameter, stain intensity, and colocalization (where applicable). Microvessel and amyloid plaque quantification are most common applications.

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Tissue Classifier Add-On

Separate multiple tissue classes across a tissue using a learn-by-example approach. Can be used in conjunction with all other modules (fluorescent and brightfield) to select specific tissue classes for further analysis.

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Islet FL

Count pancreatic islets fluorescently-labeled with up to three dyes, quantify number of dye positive cells per islet and area of dye positivity per islet.

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