From discovery to diagnostics, AI powers our HALO software suite and services.

Transformative Digital Pathology Solutions​

Advance your pathology research with our AI-powered image analysis and collaborative image management platforms.

Accelerate your diagnoses with a comprehensive suite of tools for efficient image evaluation, management, and collaboration.

HALO AP Dx is a FDA-cleared case-centric pathology platform that enables primary diagnosis, remote working, and other routine workflows in anatomic pathology.

CE-IVD certified deep learning-based screening tool that assists pathologists in identification and grading of prostate cancer in core needle biopsies

Automated, AI-based decision support tool to standardize scoring of PD-L1 IHC in non-small cell lung cancer

Automated, AI-powered tool to standardize scoring of HER2, ER, PR, and Ki67 in primary invasive breast cancer

Automated, AI-powered application for H&E-stained digitized slides that detects the most common artifacts

Our AI-enabled services offering includes Pharma Services and AWS hosted HALO Cloud Services.

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Learn how all of our HALO products fit together to offer an end-to-end digital pathology workflow from basic science research to clinical diagnostics!


Indica Labs’ AI-Powered Pathology is Utilized in Labs Around the World

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What Our Customers & Partners Have to Say

Indica Labs’ HALO is by far the most accurate, versatile, and user friendly digital image analysis platform that I have used. … HALO is a must have for any pathologist or scientist involved in quantifying immunohistochemical stains. In addition the HALO AI module is extremely easy to use. Within 20 minutes I was able to set up AI detection of tumor vs. normal tissue, as well as tumor epithelium vs stroma. HALO provides everything one needs for quantification of IHC for clinical and pre-clinical studies (of course with supervision of a pathologist). Best of all: it is fun, like a video game for Pathologists!

Philip Martin

Senior Pathologist, AstraZeneca

Using HALO AP has made an enormous difference to the way I work. It is much easier to review complex cases and consult with colleagues. Frankly, if you took away my digital pathology system I’d probably retire, the reason being I can do things faster and more accurately than I can with glass.

Dr. David Clark, MD

Clinical Lead for Digital Pathology Implementation, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

The partnership with Indica Labs, a market leader in digital pathology, with interoperable workflow integration, will enable pathologists and labs to deliver faster, more accurate, and more reproducible answers using Lunit’s AI solution.

Dr. Brandon Suh, MD

CEO, Lunit

HALO is a user-friendly, and invaluable for quantification of multi-omics imaging data (MIBI, CODEX/Akoya multiplex stains, RNA-ISH/RNAscope). Cell segmentation, quantitation of tissue microarray data, aligning serial images, exporting quantitative data and .fcs files, it is incredible. The support team is incredibly responsive and collaborative.

Dr. Michael Kattah, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco

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