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Lung PD-L1 AI is an automated, AI-based decision-support tool that standardizes scoring of PD-L1 IHC in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) on whole slide images (WSI) in accordance with clinical scoring guidelines. Lung PD-L1 AI is seamlessly integrated into the HALO AP® diagnostic digital pathology platform.

Intended Use

Lung PD-L1 AI is For Research Use Only and not intended for clinical diagnostic use.


Lung resections and core biopsies

Key Outputs

Tumor Proportion Score (TPS)

Supported Clones

SP263, 22C3

Automated PD-L1 Tumor Proportion Scoring Algorithm in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer for Multiple Companion Diagnostic Assays​

Read about the development and validation of an AI-based PD-L1 scoring algorithm for HALO AP.

Supported Scanners

3DHISTECH P1000, Leica Aperio GT450

Supported File Formats


Lung PD-L1 AI may be compatible with additional file formats. Contact for more information.

Lung PD-L1 AI Brochure

Learn more about the automated workflow and benefits of utilizing Lung PD-L1 AI.

Standardize PD-L1 Evaluation

Standardization facilitates comparison across individuals, laboratories, and institutes, which in turn enables collaborative research, enhances data reliability, and ultimately advances scientific understanding.

Increase Your Workflow Efficiency

Lung PD-L1 AI can assist pathologists and researchers in conducting more efficient PD-L1 expression evaluation. The algorithm can be run on slides before they are released for review, so you can make faster and more informed decisions.

Complement Your Expertise

Lung PD-L1 AI complements your expertise and provides an easy-to-read visual mask that highlights tumor areas and positive and negative cells with colorimetric feedback. Analysis results include cell-level information, informing your PD-L1 IHC evaluation process.

Comprehensive Analysis

Lung PD-L1 AI assay reports a comprehensive set of results, including TPS score, total cell count, number of tumor cells, and number of PD-L1 positive and negative tumor cells. The Lung PD-L1 AI algorithm includes built-in and validated AI-based exclusion of artifact and benign epithelial regions with markups that can be verified by the pathologist, so you can be certain that analysis is performed accurately and consistently each and every time.

Seamless Deployment in HALO AP®

Lung PD-L1 AI is deployed and fully integrated into HALO AP®, the AI-powered, pathologist-driven platform for anatomic pathology workflows from Indica Labs.

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Regulatory Compliance

Lung PD-L1 AI is For Research Use Only and not intended for clinical diagnostic use. Lung PD-L1 AI is accessed via the HALO AP® enterprise digital pathology platform.

HALO AP® is CE-IVDR marked for in-vitro diagnostic use in Europe, the UK, and Switzerland. HALO AP is For Research Use Only in the US and is not FDA cleared for clinical diagnostic use. In addition, HALO AP provides built-in compliance and certifications with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13485:2016, HIPAA, and GDPR.

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