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The Pharma Services team leverage Indica Labs’ own HALO image analysis, AI, and image management solutions, as well as the in-house expertise of our imaging scientists and algorithm developers, to enable contract research organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to make fast, informed decisions on their biomarker programs.

What can Pharma Services do for you?

Biomarker Image Analysis

Get more information from your IHC and IF assays with biomarker image analysis services. From single IHC biomarker analysis to highly multiplexed imaging mass cytometry data, we offer quantitative image analysis with our own HALO® and HALO AI analysis platforms. HALO AI advances HALO analysis by providing additional nuclear segmentation options, advanced tissue classification algorithms, and nuclear phenotyping. 

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Advanced Analysis & Bioinformatics

Take your image analysis data to the next level with our latest image analysis and bioinformatics capabilities, including HALO spatial plotting and analysis (proximity, nearest neighbor and infiltration analysis), tissue classification with HALO AI, and bioinformatics and patient stratification with TIBCO Spotfire®.

Interactive Data Visualization

Why settle for a static data set when you can go interactive? Dig deeper into image analysis data for a single image or compare analysis outputs across a large cohort with our online, interactive data visualizations. We create custom data visualizations, such as heatmaps, plots, graphs and charts, which allows you to slice and dice your data in different ways and see changes in the visualizations in real time.

Cloud Based Project Management

With HALO Link as our collaborative image management platform for presenting images and image analysis results, you have complete transparency into our work. HALO Link means no more shipping of slides or data drives back and forth, as you can access the data anytime, anywhere.

Feasibility Assessment

See what Pharma Services can do for your next biomarker program by uploading up to three of your images for a complimentary analysis.

Make the Right Decisions on Your Biomarker Program

With Pharma Services’ accurate image analysis algorithms and our highly collaborative and transparent project workflows, you can have confidence in the study results to make data-driven decisions.

Our imaging scientists are experts in advanced image analysis and AI with experience across multiple disease areas, applications and assay types, including immune phenotyping in tumors, biomarker expression profiling across TMAs and whole slide tissues, pharmacodynamic assays, target validation, and more.

Wet Lab Services

For customers requiring upstream histology or image acquisition services, our network of professional laboratory and CRO partners can assist with tissue acquisition, staining and scanning services for single/multiplexed immunohistochemistry, ISH/FISH, and single/multiplexed fluorescence.

Need Advice?

Reliable image analysis results require consistent staining and imaging upstream. Our image analysts have years of bench experience in histology, molecular pathology, and digital pathology across a wide range of research disciplines and can provide advice on all elements of assay development, including tissue preparation, stain optimization, and image acquisition.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Read independent SelectScience reviews on Indica Labs’ Pharma Services and learn how these customers leverage our expertise to make fast, informed decisions on their biomarker programs.

Quality results and communication in project planning, data generation and delivery

"In all components: project planning (realistic timeline, transparent fast contracting and rationale for methods to be used), project execution (stepwise methods application, feedback and optimization, respecting timeline) and results delivery (data presentation, QC and reporting) were carried out with great quality, attention to detail and good reproducibility across multiple projects."

Saul Kivimae

Nektar Therapeutics

High quality data and the ease of communication make my project successful

"The communication from the start to completion of the project is great - They are very flexible in accommodating changes even if the project is ongoing - Periodic updates are very helpful - They are "the experts" of HALO analysis and I feel very comfortable with the data"

Miho Oyasu

IGM Biosciences

Indica Pharma Services is a key partner in our digital pathology efforts

"Indica's Pharma Services team is a knowledgeable and customer-focused workhorse that has driven our digital pathology efforts forward. They contribute scientific creativity, attention to detail, and a consistent willingness to tailor their work to meet customer objectives."

Andre Mignault

Tango Therapeutics

I strongly recommend Indica Labs’ Pharma Services team

"The Pharma Services team at Indica Labs are highly professional, detail oriented, and able to deliver results very rapidly. The team is very supportive throughout the whole process."

Silvia Smaldone

Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc

Expert data analysis

"Works with the customer to identify key needs and provides input for the generation of quality images. Algorithms and analyses techniques are adapted specifically with the customer's needs in mind as well as in conjunction with the customer. Datasets are thoroughly reviewed and provided in a transparent fashion."

Nancy S

Merck Research Labs

Publication Spotlight

Check out what our customers are publishing using data from our Pharma Services team.

Gurman Kaur, et al, Nature Communications, 2022

Abstract: Fetal growth restriction (FGR) affects 5–10% of pregnancies, and can have serious consequences for both mother and child. Prevention and treatment are limited because FGR pathogenesis is poorly understood. Genetic studies implicate KIR and HLA genes in FGR, however, linkage disequilibrium, genetic influence from both parents, and challenges with investigating human pregnancies make the risk alleles and their functional effects difficult to map. Here, we demonstrate that the interaction between the maternal KIR2DL1, expressed on uterine natural killer (NK) cells, and the paternally inherited HLA-C*0501, expressed on fetal trophoblast cells, leads to FGR in a humanized mouse model. We show that the KIR2DL1 and C*0501 interaction leads to pathogenic uterine arterial remodeling and modulation of uterine NK cell function. This initial effect cascades to altered transcriptional expression and intercellular communication at the maternal-fetal interface. These findings provide mechanistic insight into specific FGR risk alleles, and provide avenues of prevention and treatment.


Read more about some of the services and scientific expertise provided by our Pharma Services team.

Depicting the Cellular Architecture of the Tumour Microenvironment by Integrating Hyperplex Immunofluorescence and Automated Image Analysis​

Download our scientific poster in collaboration with Lunaphore to learn more about how Pharma Services is aiding in workflows.

Pharma Services and HALO Link White Paper

Download our new Pharma Services and HALO Link white paper to learn how Indica Labs’ Pharma Services collaborates with customers by using HALO Link.

Depicting TME Cellular Architecture Using Hyperplex IF and Automated Image Analysis​

Download our eBook in collaboration with Lunaphore to learn more about how Pharma Services depicted TME cellular architecture using hyperplex IF and automated image analysis.

More Resources

Bridge the Gap with Indica Labs’ Pharma Services

Blog Post

At Indica Labs, our Pharma Services team is here to help you extract more data from your biomarker assays with our digital image analysis services. From single biomarker IHC to ISH/FISH and highly multiplexed fluorescence and imaging mass cytometry, we offer quantitative image analysis solutions with our own HALO and HALO AI analysis platforms. 

Leveraging the Collaborative Image Management Platform, HALO Link, for Multi-Site Image Analysis Collaborations


In this webinar, Doug Bowman and Dr. William Edelman of the Pharma Services team at Indica Labs discuss how the team uses HALO Link as a data repository for digital pathology projects, how Link provides complete transparency between images and image analysis results, and how Link facilitates collaborations between scientists, pathologists, and image analysts. 

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