Collaborative Working: Development of Pathology-based AI Tools in the Treatment of Lung Cancer

Date: 29 October 2023
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 EDT 
Location: Orlando, FL – TRACK 1 (Windermere Y)

Originally presented at DPA Path Visions 2023.

Learn about the development and validation of clinically relevant AI tools in lung cancer


In this one-hour pre-conference workshop, Indica Labs is pleased to host Dr. David Dorward, Consultant Thoracic Pathologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, who will present on the development of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

The development of targeted, personalized treatments for lung cancer has introduced new challenges in delivering pathology services that ensure both accurate diagnosis and quick access to correct therapies. Digital pathology and AI provide opportunities to meet these demands by addressing challenges that are both labor and time intensive.

This workshop will discuss the collaboration between Indica Labs and NHS Lothian to create clinically relevant AI tools to tackle some of the key “pinch points” in delivery of lung cancer pathology services. The aim is to highlight the unique opportunities to leverage clinical / industry collaborations to ensure AI integration is tailored to clinical needs and can be fast-tracked through regulatory approval. As an example, the presentation will detail the development and validation of AI tools to assess tumor percentage within biopsy samples to guide molecular testing and scoring of the predictive biomarker PD-L1.

As an introduction to the workshop, Eric Runde, Chief Operating Officer at Indica Labs, will present an overview of AI products and the AI Diagnostics team.


Dr. David Dorward
Consultant Thoracic Pathologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Edinburgh  

Dr. David Dorward is a Consultant Pathologist who specializes in the diagnosis and molecular profiling of lung cancer. His research has predominantly focused on understanding lung inflammation in response to infection, injury and cancer but he also has a growing interest in the application of digital pathology in clinical practice. As well as exploring the opportunities provided by integrating digital reporting into routine histopathology practice David has been collaborating with Indica on the development of a number of AI tools. He is currently Digital Pathology lead for both NHS Lothian and the Scottish Pathology Network (SPAN).  

Eric Runde
Chief Operating Officer
Indica Labs

Eric Runde joined Indica Labs in 2020 as the Principal Product Manager for HALO AP and subsequently took on the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2021. Prior to Indica Labs, Eric was a product manager at Varian Medical Systems after their acquisition of Mobius Medical Systems where he held product and customer support management roles. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri and MS from University of Minnesota with a research emphasis on plasma science and nanotechnology.  

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