Towards Open Pathology: Facilitating Development of Novel AI-based Tools for Digital Pathology through Collaboration and Integration

Date: 16 February 2022
Time: 4:30 – 5:30 PDT
Location: Workshop, Las Vegas, NV

Learn about Indica's collaborative approach to incorporating AI into life science and clinical workflows through case studies of customer collaborations



Indica Labs is committed to taking a bilateral open approach to digital pathology with the aim to be truly interoperable with industry leading software and hardware providers across our product line. We incorporate a wide variety of collaborators, institutes, and third-party software into our product development workflow and provide open pathology tools, including APIs, SDKs and workflow builders, that facilitate third-party integration. Indica is actively using its software platforms and open pathology tools to work with external collaborators to develop and integrate novel AI algorithms that improve workflow efficiencies and ultimately patient care.

In this 1-hour workshop, Eric Runde, Chief Operating Officer at Indica Labs, will introduce Indica’s platforms, our collaborative approach to incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into life science and clinical workflows, and the open pathology tools available to developers and industry partners. Dr. Peter Caie, Principal Scientist of AI Collaborations at Indica Labs, will present case studies of customer collaborations resulting in the development and validation of commercially available and inter-operable AI algorithms addressing customer needs.


Peter Caie, PHD
Principal Scientist of AI Collaborations
Indica Labs

Peter Caie worked for 9 years as a Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca before completing his PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Cancer Pathology. He went on to run the Quantitative and Digital Pathology (QUAD) Lab at the University of St Andrews where his research focused on both artificial intelligence, and cancer prognosis and diagnosis in the field of digital and molecular pathology. Currently, Dr. Caie is a Principal Scientist at Indica Labs where he manages the company’s AI based projects involving external collaborators, with the aim of translating deep learning algorithms into routine clinical workflow

Eric Runde
Chief Operating Officer, Indica Labs

Eric Runde joined Indica Labs in 2020 as the Principal Product Manager for HALO AP and subsequently took on the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2021. Prior to Indica Labs, Eric was a product manager at Varian Medical Systems after their acquisition of Mobius Medical Systems where he held product and customer support management roles. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Missouri and MS from University of Minnesota with a research emphasis on plasma science and nanotechnology.

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