Spatially resolved immunophenotyping using artificial intelligence and the HALO image analysis platform

In this one-hour pre-conference workshop, Indica Labs’ is pleased to have Vaishali Shinde, Principal Scientist from Takeda Pharmaceuticals present her work, Immunophenotyping of Syngeneic Mouse Models using OPAL™ technology and HALO™ image analysis software: TAK-981 Case Study.  TAK-981, a first-in-class SUMO inhibitor, is currently being evaluated in a Phase I clinical trial in adult patients with metastatic solid tumors and lymphomas.  Using – PerkinElmer’s OPAL™ multiplex IF technology and HALO™ image analysis software, Dr. Shinde’s team performed 6-plex T cell immune-profiling of syngeneic models to characterize them into immune desert, immune excluded and inflamed tumor types.  She will discuss the methods, techniques and results of the study.

As an introduction to the workshop, Doug Bowman, VP Pharma Services at Indica Labs, will introduce HALO and HALO AI tools that facilitate immunophenotyping of the tumor microenvironment, including improvements to highplex fluorescence analysis, new neural networks for tumor segmentation, and expansion of spatial analysis capabilities introduced in HALO 3.0.


Vaishali Shinde
Principal Scientist | Clinical Biomarker Innovation & Development Group (CBID)
Quantitative Translational Sciences
Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Co.

Doug Bowman
VP Pharma Services
Indica Labs, Inc

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