Transmission of tauopathy strains is independent of their isoform composition

To advance the molecular understanding of obesity, Jais and colleagues set out to identify neuronal populations in mice that respond to being fed a calorie dense, highly palatable food. They identified prepronociceptin (PNOC)-expressing neurons in the hypothalamus that are activated upon acute high fat diet feeding and promote overconsumption. In this publication, HALO image analysis software was used for quantification of transgene expression in mouse neuronal tissue. Future studies on PNOC-expressing neurons may advance prevention and treatment of obesity and associated metabolic diseases.

Jais A, Paeger L, Sotelo-Hitschfeld T, Bremser S, Prinzensteiner M, Klemm P, Mykytiuk V, Widdershooven PJM, Vesting AJ, Grzelka K, Minere M, Cremer AL, Xu J, Korotkova T, Lowell BB, Zeilhofer HU, Backes H, Fenselau H, Wunderlich FT, Kloppenburg P, Bruning JC

Neuron| First published 17 June 2020| DOI

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