Portland, OR – September 29, 2017 – MolecularMD, a provider of molecular and tissuebased clinical trial assays and diagnostics for oncology based drug development programs, has announced a partnership agreement with Indica Labs, a leader in digital pathology imaging tools and services. The collaboration between the companies leverages MolecularMD’s diagnostic clinical testing solutions with Indica Labs’ digital biomarker analysis services to enable an efficient transition of pre-clinical research to the diagnostic setting and deployment of advanced image analysis workflows. Mindful that many of its clients are using Indica Labs’ products and services, MolecularMD envisions the partnership will facilitate seamless transition of image analysis methods to the clinical trial setting for accelerated drug development programs.

“Indica Labs’ HALOTM image analysis software and the HALO LinkTM image management system provides advanced image analysis capabilities in a global collaborative environment,” said Doug Bowman, Vice President of Pharma Services at Indica Labs. “This agreement will allow our clients to take advantage of MolecularMD’s capabilities, and MolecularMD’s clients to develop quantitative assays to better understand biomarker expression levels and spatial relationships relative to the tissue microenvironment.”

“The agreement will provide our clients with integrated genomic and phenotypic biomarker analyses that are crucial for accurate and effective patient stratification,” said Dan Snyder, President and Chief Executive Officer at MolecularMD.

“Indica Labs fills our clients’ needs for digital biomarker analysis and enhances our proposition to immuno-oncology development programs. These capabilities will provide unique advantages and accelerate pipeline decisions. The use of advanced algorithms for IHC data interpretation holds the possibility of improved patient outcomes,” said Snyder.

Indica labs will attend the Pathology Visions 2017 Conference, a conference that brings together the luminaries and key opinion leaders in digital pathology. More information about the partnership can be found at the Indica Labs Booth #7. Pathology Visions 2017 will be held from October 1-3, 2017 in San Diego at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. For more information about Pathology Visions 2017, click here.

About Indica Labs
Indica Labs is the first company to offer tissue specific and application specific image analysis algorithms in a truly integrated digital pathology environment. Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research organizations worldwide utilize Indica tools for highthroughput, whole-slide image quantification in areas such as neuroscience, metabolism, oncology, toxicological pathology, and more. Learn more at www.indicalab.com.
Contact Information: Douglas Bowman, VP of Pharma Services (dbowman@indicalab.com)

About MolecularMD
MolecularMD Corporation develops and commercializes specialty molecular and tissue diagnostics for oncology drug development. Diagnostic assays are designed to enable appropriate selection, monitoring and management of patients treated with targeted and immune-based cancer therapies. MolecularMD integrates gold-standard and innovative platform technologies with clinical assay design, validation, and design control and leverages a comprehensive quality management system to accelerate all phases of oncology clinical development, including FDA approval and commercialization of in vitro companion diagnostic tests for novel therapies. Learn more at www.molecularmd.com.
Contact Information: Tina Beauchemin (Tbeauchemin@molecularmd.com)

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