An ex vivo tumor fragment platform to dissect response to PD-1 blockade in cancer

Dr. Paula Voabil and colleagues used a patient derived tumor fragment platform to investigate immune responses immediately following PD-1 blockade. The Tissue Classifier Add-on and the Multiplex IHC module of HALO® were used in this publication to quantify immune biomarkers in the tumor and stroma, contributing to their conclusion that the ability of tumors to respond to PD-1 blockage correlates with the ability of intratumoral immune cells to be reactivated by the blockade.

Voabil P, de Bruijn M, Roelofsen L, Hendriks S, Brokamp S, van den Braber M, Broeks A, Sanders J, Herzig P, Zippelius A, Blank C, Hartemink K, Monkhorst K, Haanen J, Schumacher T, Thommen D

Nature Medicine | First published 08 July 2021 | DOI

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