An interview with Anas Gauba, Software Engineer (Previous Intern)

Anas Gauba
Full-time Software Engineer (Previous Intern)

Q1. As an intern, what projects were you assigned to work on? What skills did you acquire or improve while working on these projects?
A1. As an intern, I worked on the project to build quota-system where the customer can buy some quota whether it be quota for doing analysis, disk storage, etc. I also worked on building a loginAttempt feature where we can track important information such as customers’ ip address and which service they logged in from. The projects helped me in getting better at being able to design domain models, how middle-wares can work and how to hook up to GraphQL.

Q2. What do you enjoy most about working at Indica Labs?
A2. I liked working at Indica Labs because the teammates here are very helpful and there is a lot of room to learn and apply your skills. The working culture and the room to improve is the thing that I enjoy the most.

Q3. Was there anything particularly rewarding or challenging during your internship?
A3. The challenging aspect for me was to get familiar with the code base and learn the existing patterns that are being used.

Q4. Has interning at Indica Labs changed the way you view software engineering as a field, a career path, or in general? If so, how?
A4. Yes, interning at Indica Labs has helped me learn how an enterprise companies work. As a senior in college now, I have learned that in the industry, how we can apply the concepts to a bigger picture, and how we can build enterprise level systems in a timely manner by constantly being in touch with the team, and also team work is the key in the Software Engineering field.

Q5. Would you recommend an internship at Indica Labs to your peers? If so, why?
A5. Yes I would recommend an internship at Indica Labs to my peers because I think there is a lot that they can learn working at Indica Labs. There are some good projects that they can work on and get the real world experience.

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