HALO®, HALO AI, and HALO Link 3.6 Features and Functionalities


In this blog post, you can learn about some of the new features in the 3.6 release, when to expect your chance to upgrade, and where to find user guides, release notes, and tutorial videos. 

What new features are included in the 3.6 release?

HALO® 3.6
The 3.6 release of HALO has improvements to the annotation manager (including geoJSON support), expanded support for interactive markup images, a batch registration redesign, and support to import object data. In addition, interactive markup images for the Multiplex IHC and Highplex FL modules enable users to explore colocalization and combined phenotypes. The TMA module has been updated to improve ease of use.


HALO AI 3.6  

In the 3.6 release of HALO AI, all workflows now utilize Interactive Markups to enable users to better understand analysis resultsIn addition, a pretrained brightfield membrane segmentation model is now included with HALO AI and can be leveraged in related modules with membrane segmentation (Multiplex IHC, ISH-IHC)Additionally, minor refinements were made to improve the user experience of HALO AI. 


HALO Link 3.6  

The 3.6 release of HALO Link includes an updated viewer toolbar to improve usability and complement viewer performance enhancementsTo aid annotation workflows, HALO Link introduced an annotation layer selector in the toolbar which allows users to quickly create new layers and switch between existing layers. For groups with the HALO TMA module, the TMA page has been restyled and supports a few new featuresCheck out the supporting documentation to learn about additional features like study heatmaps and blinded slide metadata support.


When can I expect to receive my 3.6 upgrade?

Indica Labs’ Technical Solutions team will be sending an email out to customers with eligible Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) plans.

If you haven’t already, please add the following emails to your safe sender list to make sure our emails make it to you and not your spam folders: support@indicalab.com, info@indicalab.com, and marketing@indicalab.com.

Once you receive this email and submit your upgrade request, our Technical Solutions team will work with you to schedule your installation. If your HALO, HALO AI, or HALO Link licenses do not have an active SMS plan or you are unsure of your plan status, submit this form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

If you have questions regarding the release, feel free to reach out to support@indicalab.com.

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