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HALO® Module

Highplex FL

Indica Labs’ Highplex FL module allows for simultaneous analysis of an unlimited number of fluorescent markers in any cellular compartment – nucleus, cytoplasm, and/or membrane.  With the option to define specific cell phenotypes according to marker positivity, this module is ideally suited for applications in immuno-oncology where multiple markers are required to characterize distinct immune and tumor cell populations within the tissue.  It can be used in conjunction with most fluorescent whole-slide image formats, multispectral floating-point tiff images and whole-slide qptiff images from the Akoya PhenoImager (Phenoptics), PhenoCycler (CODEX®), Vectra® 3, and Polaris™ platforms, as well as imagery obtained using novel highplexing and ultra-highplexing technologies from Lunaphore (OME.TIFF images from the COMET™ Platform), Ultivue (FixVUE™, FlexVUE™, U-Vue® Panels and InSituPlex® Technology), Standard BioTools (Hyperion™ Imaging System) and IONpath (MIBI™ Platform).

File formats supported by the HALO image analysis platform:

  • Non-proprietary (JPG, TIF, OME.TIFF)
  • Nikon (ND2)
  • 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • Akoya (QPTIFF, component TIFF)
  • Olympus / Evident (VSI)
  • Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • Aperio (SVS, AFI)
  • Zeiss (CZI)
  • Leica (SCN, LIF)
  • Ventana (BIF)
  • Philips (iSyntax, i2Syntax)
  • DICOM (DCM*)
    *whole-slide images

Spatial Characterization of the TME with Cell DIVE Multiplexed Imaging and HALO Image Analysis

Check out our collaborative poster with Cell Signaling Technology and Leica Microsystems to learn about a combined workflow for spatial analysis of the TME.

Clustering Workflow for Advanced Cell Phenotyping of Hyperplex IF Images

Download our collaborative poster with Lunaphore to learn about a clustering workflow that uses unsupervised learning for COMET™ images.

Characterizing the TME using IMC and HALO® Image Analysis

See in this app note how automated analysis of highly multiplexed IMC images using HALO and HALO AI yields rich cellular and spatial data from a streamlined workflow.

Lunaphore COMET Hyperplex IF and HALO® Image Analysis of the TME

Download our collaborative poster with Lunaphore to see how HALO and HALO AI, alongside the Lunaphore COMET instrument, enable a high throughput workflow for phenotypic and spatial analysis of cells in the tumor microenvironment.

Fusion of Spectrally Unmixed Image Tiles into Whole Slide TIFs and HALO Image Analysis

In this application note, we describe how HALO can convert spectrally unmixed image tiles into whole slide images for analysis of the tumor microenvironment.

Characterizing the TME using IMC and HALO® Image Analysis

See in this app note how automated analysis of highly multiplexed IMC images using HALO and HALO AI yields rich cellular and spatial data from a streamlined workflow.

Lunaphore COMET Hyperplex IF and HALO® Image Analysis eBook

Our collaborative eBook with Lunaphore shows how HALO and HALO AI, alongside the Lunaphore COMET instrument, enable a high-throughput workflow for phenotypic and spatial analysis of cells in the tumor microenvironment.

Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of the TME eBook

Check out this eBook to see how AI-based nuclear segmentation and tissue classification can streamline cell phenotyping across tissue compartments and samples.

Sequential Same Slide mIF and H&E eBook

Reveal more data on a single slide with this workflow for sequential same slide multiplex IF and H&E staining and imaging using HALO and HALO AI.

mIF Co-Registration and Cellular Analysis eBook

Learn how HALO offers a streamlined workflow for co-registration and cellular analysis of immunofluorescence images from cyclically stained and imaged slides.

Publication Spotlight

The table below includes publications that cite the Highplex FL module. 

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Title Authors Year Journal Application HALO Modules Product
Cannabinoid control of gingival immune activation in chronically SIV-infected rhesus macaques involves modulation of the indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase-1 pathway and salivary microbiome McDew-White M, Lee E, Alvarez X, Sestak K, Ling B, Byrareddy S, Okeoma C, Mohan M 2022 EBioMedicine Infectious Disease Area Quantification, Cytonuclear, Highplex FL HALO
ACE2-IgG1 fusions with improved in vitro and in vivo activity against SARS-CoV-2 Iwanaga N, Cooper L, Rong L, Maness N, Beddingfield B, Qin Z, Crabtree J, Tripp R, Yang H, Blair R, Jangra S, Garcia-Sastre A, Schotsaert M, Chandra S, Robinson J, Srivastava A, Rabito F, Qin X, Kolls J 2022 iScience Infectious Disease Highplex FL HALO AI
Tumor MHC Class I Expression Associates with Intralesional Interleukin-2 Response in Melanoma Pourmaleki M, Jones C, Ariyan C, Zeng Z, Pirun M, Navarrete D, Li Y, Zhang M, Nandakumar S, Campos C, Nadeem S, Klimstra D, Temple-Oberle C, Brenn T, Kipson E, Schenk K, Stein J, Taube J, White M, Traweek R, Wargo J, Kirkwood J, Gasmi B, Goff S, Corwin A, McDonough E, Ginty F, Callahan M, Schietinger A, Socci N, Mellinghoff I, Hollmann T 2022 Cancer Research Immunology Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Progranulin mediates immune evasion of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma through regulation of MHCI expression Cheung P, Yang J, Fang R, Borgers A, Krengel K, Stoffel A, Althoff K, Yip C, Siu E, Ng L, Lang K, Cham L, Engel D, Soun C, Cima I, Scheffler B, Striefler J, Sinn M, Bahra M, Pelzer U, Oettle H, Markus P, Smeets E, Aarntzen E, Savvatakis K, Liffers S, Lueong S, Neander C, Bazarna A, Zhang X, Paschen A, Crawford H, Chan A, Cheung S, Siveke J 2022 Nature Communications Oncology Cytonuclear, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Tumor cell-derived exosomes deliver TIE2 protein to macrophages to promote angiogenesis in cervical cancer Du S, Qian J, Tan S, Li W, Liu P, Zhao J, Zeng Y, Xu L, Wang Z, Cai J 2022 Cancer Letters Oncology Area Quantification, Cytonuclear, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Understanding the impact of chemotherapy on the immune landscape of high-grade serous ovarian cancer Vanguri R, Benhamida J, Young J, Li Y, Zivanovic O, Chi D, Snyder A, Hollmann T, Mager K 2022 Gynecologic Oncology Reports Oncology Classifier, Cytonuclear, Highplex FL HALO
New Fully Automated Preparation of High Apparent Molar Activity 68Ga-FAPI-46 on a Trasis AiO Platform Da Pieve C, Braga M, Turton D, Valla F, Cakmak P, Plate K, Kramer-Marek G 2022 Molecules Other Cytonuclear, Highplex FL HALO
Retrospective analysis of the efficacy of adjuvant cytokine-induced killer cell immunotherapy combined with chemotherapy in colorectal cancer patients after surgery Li X, Zhou H, Huang W, Wang X, Meng M, Hou Z, Liao L, Tang W, Xie Y, Wang R, Yu H, Wang L, Zhu H, Wang W, Tan J, Li R 2022 Clinical & Translational Immunology Oncology Cytonuclear, Highplex FL HALO
Pancreas resident macrophage-induced fibrosis has divergent roles in pancreas inflammatory injury and PDAC Baer J, Zuo C, Kang L, Alarcon de la Lastra A, Bocherding N, Knolhoff B, Bogner S, Zhu Y, Lewis M, Zhang N, Kim K, Fields R, Mills J, Ding L, Randolph G, DeNardo D 2022 bioRxiv Fibrosis Classifier, Area Quantification, Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL, Figure Maker HALO
Genomic and single-cell landscape reveals novel drivers and therapeutic vulnerabilities of transformed cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Song X, Chang S, Seminario-Vidal L, de Mingo Pulido A, Tordesillas L, Song X, Reed R, Harkins A, Whiddon S, Nguyen J, Segura C, Zhang C, Yoder S, Sayegh Z, Zhao Y, Messina J, Harro C, Zhang X, Conejo-Garcia J, Berglund A, Sokol L, Zhang J, Rodriguez P, Mule J, Futreal A, Tsai K, Chen P 2022 Cancer Discovery Oncology Cytonuclear, Highplex FL, TMA HALO
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Immunologic Gene Signature Analysis Correlates Myeloid Cells and M2 Macrophages with Time to Trabectedin Failure in Sarcoma Patients Schroder B, Zhang Y, Smythe K, Desai P, Thomas A, Viveiros P, Alexiev B, Obeidin F, Chen E, Cranmer L, Wagner M, Jones R, Campbell J, Pierce R, He Q, Pollack S 2022 Cancers Oncology Cytonuclear, Highplex FL HALO
Fatal Neurodissemination and SARS-CoV-2 Tropism in K18-hACE2 Mice Is Only Partially Dependent on hACE2 Expression Carossino M, Kenney D, O'Connell A, Montarnaro P, Tseng A, Gertje H, Grosz K, Ericsson M, Huber B, Kurnick S, Subramaniam S, Kirkland T, Walker J, Francis K, Klose A, Paragas N, Bosmann M, Saeed M, Balasuriya U, Douam F, Crossland N 2022 Viruses Infectious Disease Classifier, Area Quantification, Highplex FL HALO
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SPOP promotes cervical cancer progress by inducing PD-1 move away from PD-L1 in spatial localization Wu J, Wu Y, Guo Q, Chen S, Wang S, Zhu J, Wu X, Ju X 2022 Research Square Oncology Cytonuclear, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL, TMA HALO
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Multiplexed immunofluorescence analysis of CAFmarkers, EZH2 and FOXM1 in Gastric Tissue: Associations with Clinicopathological Parameters and Clinical Outcomes Sun H, Wang X, Wang X, Tan C, Weng W, Zhang M, Ni S, Wang L, Huang D, Sheng W, Xu M 2022 Research Square Oncology Cytonuclear, Highplex FL HALO
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Dynamic and adaptive cancer stem cell population admixture in colorectal neoplasia Vasquez E, Nasreddin N, Valbuena G, Mulholland E, Belnoue-Davis H, Eggington H, Schenck R, Wouters V, Wirapati P, Gilroy K, Lannagan R, Flanagan D, Nujumudeen A, Omwenga S, McCorry A, Easton A, Koelzer V, East J, Morton D, Trusolino L, Maughan T, Campbell A, Loughrey M, Dunne P, Tsantoulis P, Juels D, Tejpar S, Sansom O, Leedham S 2022 Cell Stem Cell Oncology Highplex FL, Registration HALO
Knockdown of ZBTB11 impedes R-loop elimination and increases the sensitivity to cisplatin by inhibiting DDX1 transcription in bladder cancer Chen L, Liu Z, Tang H, Zhou Z, Chen J, Ma Z, Deng M, Li X, Wu Y, Zheng L, Zhou L, Zheng X, Liu Z 2022 Cell Proliferation Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL, Figure Maker HALO
LncRNA scaRNA2 bridges DNA end-resection to homologous recombination repair mediated chemoradioresistance Yang Y, Chen Y, Shen H, Liu T, Cao K, Wan Z, Du Z, Wang H, Yu Y, Ma S, Li B, Zhang W, Cai J, Gao F 2022 Research Square Oncology Highplex FL, TMA HALO
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Fibrocytes boost tumor-supportive phenotypic switches in the lung cancer niche via the endothelin system Weigert A, Zheng X, Nenzel A, Turkowski K, Gunther S, Strack E, Sirait-Fischer E, Elwakeel E, Kur I, Nikam V, Valasarajan C, Winter H, Wissgott A, Voswinkel R, Grimminger F, Brune B, Seeger W, Pullamsetti S, Savai R 2022 Nature Communications Oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
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Spatial multi-omics revealed the impact of tumor ecosystem heterogeneity on immunotherapy efficacy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with bispecific antibody Song X, Xiong A, Wu F, Li X, Wang J, Jiang T, Chen P, Zhang X, Zhao Z, Liu H, Cheng L, Zhao C, Wang Z, Pan C, Cui X, Xu T, Luo H, Zhou C 2023 Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Immuno-oncology Classifier, Highplex FL HALO
Melanotransferrin Functions as a Pro-Oncogenic WNT Agonist: A Yin-Yang Relationship in Melanoma with the WNT Antagonist and Metastasis Suppressor, NDRG1 Paluncic J, Cholam M, Lane D, Skoda J, Park K, Chiang S, Bae D, Scolyer R, Afroz R, Babu G, Wilmott J, Loh K, Jansson P, Dharmasiviam M, Huang M, Zhao X, Kovacevic Z, Richardson D 2023 bioRxiv Oncology Highplex FL HALO
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Loss of Peroxiredoxin IV Protects Mice from Azoxymethane/Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colorectal Cancer Development Thapa P, Jiang H, Ding N, Hao Y, Alshahrani A, Lee E, Fujii J, Wei Q 2023 Antioxidants Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
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Carcinogen exposure enhances cancer immunogenicity by blocking the development of an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment Huang M, Xia Y, Li K, Shao F, Feng Z, Li T, Azin M, Demehri S 2023 The Journal of Clinical Investigation Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
The Expression of the Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor and the Effect of Smoking in Curdlan-Administered SKG Mice Kim YE, Lee JH, Lee EJ, Kim DH, Jeong MR, Hong S, Lee CK, Yoo B, Youn J, Chang EJ, Kim YG 2023 Biomedicines Immunology Highplex FL HALO
Targeting pancreatic cancer metabolic dependencies through glutamine antagonism Encarnación-Rosado J, Sohn A S W, Biancur D E, Lin E Y, Osorio-Vasquez V, Rodrick T, González-Baerga D, Zhao E, Yokoyama Y, Simeone D M, Jones D R, Parker S J, Wild R, Kimmelman A C 2023 Nature Cancer Oncology Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
Tumor‐derived Vimentin as a novel biomarker for distinct subtypes predicting adjuvant chemotherapy resistance and T‐cell‐inflamed phenotype in small cell lung cancer Deng C, Wang Y, Fu F, Li D, Zheng Q, Jin Y, Li Y, Chen H, Zhang Y 2023 MedComm Oncology Highplex FL HALO
A Pilot Study of Neoadjuvant Nivolumab, Ipilimumab, and Intralesional Oncolytic Virotherapy for HER2-negative Breast Cancer Nguyen V, Campbell K, Nowicki T, Elumalai N, Medina E, Baselga-Carretero I, DiNome M, Chang H, Oseguera D, Ribas A, Glaspy J 2023 Cancer Research Communications Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Seeding the aggregation of TDP-43 requires post-fibrillization proteolytic cleavage Kumar ST, Nazarov S, Porta S, Majarjan N, Cendrowska U, Kabani M, Finamore F, Xu Y, Lee VMY, Lashuel HA 2023 Nature Neuroscience Neuroscience Area Quantification, Highplex FL HALO
ACE2-independent SARS-CoV-2 virus entry through cell surface GRP78 on monocytes – evidence from a translational clinical and experimental approach Han B, Lv Y, Moser D, Zhou X, Woehrle T, Han L, Osterman A, Rudelius M, Choukér A, Lei P 2023 EBioMedicine Infectious Disease Highplex FL HALO
A neutrophil extracellular traps-related classification predicts prognosis and response to immunotherapy in colon cancer Feng C, Li Y, Tai Y, Zhang W, Wang H, Lian S, Jin-si-han E, Liu Y, Li X, Chen Q, He M, Lu Z 2023 Scientific Reports Immuno-oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL, Figure Maker, TMA HALO
Reversing immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment of fibrolamellar carcinoma via PD-1 and IL-10 blockade Daniel S, Sullivan K, Dickerson L, van den Bijgaart R, Utria A, Labadie K, Kenerson H, Jiang X, Smythe K, Campbell J, Pierce R, Kim T, Riehle K, Yeung R, Carter J, Barry K, Pillarisetty V 2023 Research Square Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Anti-PD-1 immunotherapy with androgen deprivation therapy induces robust immune infiltration in metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer Hawley J E, Obradovic A Z, Dallos M C, Lim E A, Runcie K, Ager C R, McKiernan J, Anderson C B, Decastro G J, Weintraub J, Virk R, Lowy I, Hu J, Chaimowitz M G, Guo X V, Zhang Y, Haffner M C, Worley J, Stein M N, Califano A 2023 Cancer Cell Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Epigenetic regulation during cancer transitions across 11 tumour types Terekhanova N V, Karpova A, Liang W W, Strzalkowski A, Chen S, Li Y, Southard-Smith A N, Iglesia M D, Wendl M C, Jayasinghe R G, Liu J, Song Y, Cao S, Houston A, Liu X, Wyczalkowski M A, Lu R J, Caravan W, Shinkle A, Naser Al Deen N, Herndon J M, Mudd J, Ma C, Sarkar H, Sato K, Ibrahim O M, Mo C K, Chasnoff S E, Porta-Pardo E, Held J M, Pachynski R, Schwarz J K, Gillanders W E, Kim A H, Vij R, DiPersio J F, Puram S V, Chheda M G, Fuh K C, DeNardo D G, Fields R C, Chen F, Raphael B J, Ding L 2023 Nature Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Imaging mass cytometry reveals tissue-specific cellular immune phenotypes in the mouse knee following ACL injury South SM, Marlin MC, Mehta-D'souza P, Stephens T, Conner T, Burt KG, Guthridge JM, Scanzello CR, Griffin TM 2023 Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Open Immunology Highplex FL HALO
Digital analysis of the prostate tumor microenvironment with high-order chromogenic multiplexing Rajendran R, Beck RC, Waskasi MM, Kelly BD, Bauer DR 2023 Journal of Pathology Informatics Oncology Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
Liver cancer stem cell dissemination and metastasis: uncovering the role of NRCAM in hepatocellular carcinoma Zhou L, He L, Liu C, Qiu H, Zheng L, Sample KM, Wu Q, Li J, Xie K, Ampuero J, Li Z, Lv D, Liu M, Romero-Gómez M, Hu Y, Tang H 2023 Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research Oncology Highplex FL HALO
IFN-γ in ovarian tumor microenvironment upregulates HLA-E expression and predicts a poor prognosis Zheng H, Guan X, Meng X, Tong Y, Wang Y, Xie S, Guo L, Lu R 2023 Journal of Ovarian Research Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Patient-derived exosomes facilitate therapeutic targeting of oncogenic MET in advanced gastric cancer Hyung S, Ko J, Heo YJ, Blum SM, Kim ST, Park SH, Park JO, Kang WK, Lim HY, Klempner SJ, Lee J 2023 Science Advances Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Fecal microbiota transplanted from old mice promotes more colonic inflammation, proliferation, and tumor formation in azoxymethane-treated A/J mice than microbiota originating from young mice Crossland NA, Beck S, Tan WY, Lo M, Mason JB, Zhang C, Guo W, Crott JW 2023 Gut Microbes Other Area Quantification, Highplex FL HALO
The tumor-derived cytokine Chi3l1 induces neutrophil extracellular traps that promote T cell exclusion in triple-negative breast cancer Taifour T, Attalla SS, Zuo D, Gu Y, Sanguin-Gendreau V, Proud H, Solymoss E, Bui T, Kuasne H, Papavasiliou V, Lee CG, Kamle S, Siegel PM, Elias JA, Park M, Muller WJ 2023 Immunity Immuno-oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
A machine learning approach toward automating spatial identification of LAG3+/CD3+ cells in ulcerative colitis Bonnevie ED, Dobrzynski E, Steiner D, Hildebrand D, Monslow J, Singh M, Decman V, Krull DL 2023 Scientific Reports Gastroenterology Highplex FL, Registration HALO, HALO AI
The function role of HIGD1A in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis from chronic hepatitis B Li M, Li J, Wang D, Li T, Ye L, Liang X, Zhang H, Liu Z, Zhang X, Li J, Liu Y, Pan C Q, Dai E 2023 Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Highplex FL HALO
Tanshinone IIA alleviates early brain injury after subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats by inhibiting the activation of NF-κB/NLRP3 inflammasome Yang F, Ma N, Li S, Chen F, Huang X, Zhao L, Cao L 2023 Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin Neuroscience Highplex FL HALO
Rosmarinic acid alleviate CORT-induced depressive-like behavior by promoting neurogenesis and regulating BDNF/TrkB/PI3K signaling axis Zeng J, Xie Z, Chen L, Peng X, Luan F, Hu J, Xie H, Liu R, Zeng N 2023 Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Neuroscience Highplex FL HALO
Components of the tumor immune microenvironment based on m-IHC correlate with prognosis and subtype of triple-negative breast cancer Lin L, Li H, Wang X, Wang Z, Su G, Zhou J, Sun S, Ma X, Chen Y, You C, Gu Y 2023 Cancer Medicine Immuno-oncology Classifier, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
COVID-19 and influenza infections mediate distinct pulmonary cellular and transcriptomic changes Wang C, Khatun M S, Zhang Z, Allen M J, Chen Z, Ellsworth C R, Currey J M, Dai G, Tian D, Bach K, Yin X-M, Traina-Dorge V, Rappaport J, Maness N J, Blair R V, Kolls J K, Pociask D A, Qin X 2023 Communications Biology Infectious Disease Area Quantification, Highplex FL, Figure Maker HALO, HALO AI
Bioinformatics Prediction and Experimental Validation of the Role of Macrophage Polarization and Ferroptosis in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Chen C, Yang Z, Qiu Z 2023 Journal of Inflammation Research Immunology Highplex FL HALO
Comprehensive prognostic and immune analysis of a glycosylation related risk model in pancreatic cancer Liu XA, Shi J, Tian L, Xiao B, Zhang K, Zhu Y, Zhang YF, Jiang KR, Zhu Y, Yuan H 2023 BMC Cancer Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Chondrocyte Apoptosis as a Potential Mechanism in Ostrich Limb and Toe Disorders: A Pathological Investigation Xian M, Duan B, Tang L, Zhou H, Wang L, Wang R, Chen Z, Fang J, Huang C, Liu W, Geng Y, OuYang P, Guo H, Deng H, Lai W 2023 Pakistan Veterinary Journal Other Highplex FL HALO
Analysis of off-tumour toxicities of T-cell-engaging bispecific antibodies via donor-matched intestinal organoids and tumouroids Harter MF, Recaldin T, Gerard R, Avignon B, Bollen Y, Esposito C, Guja-Jarosz K, Kromer K, Filip A, Aubert J, Schneider A, Bacac M, Bscheider M, Stokar-Regenscheit N, Piscuoglio S, Beumer J, Gjorevski N 2023 Nature Biomedical Engineering Immuno-oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
Integrated multi-omics profiling to dissect the spatiotemporal evolution of metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma Sun Y, Wu P, Zhang Z, Wang Z, Zhou K, Song M, Ji Y, Zang F, Lou L, Rao K, Wang P, Gu Y, Gu J, Lu B, Chen L, Pan X, Zhao X, Peng L, Liu D, Chen X, Wu K, Lin P, Wu L, Su Y, Du M, Hou Y, Yang X, Qiu S, Shi Y, Sun H, Zhou J, Huang X, Peng D, Zhang L, Fan J 2023 Cancer Cell Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Cholesterol efflux drives the generation of immunosuppressive macrophages to promote the progression of human hepatocellular carcinoma Li Z, Wang Y, Xing R, Zeng H, Yu X, Zhang Y, Xu J, Zheng L 2023 Cancer Immunology Research Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Effects of estradiol, progesterone or cAMP on expression of PGRMC1 and progesterone receptor in a xenograft model of human endometrium and in endometrial cell culture Van Wynendaele M, Thieffry C, Samain L, Pierreux C, Tyteca D, Marbaix E, Henriet P 2023 Steroids Other Highplex FL HALO
Stromal and therapy-induced macrophage proliferation promotes PDAC progression and susceptibility to innate immunotherapy Zuo Chong, Baer J, Knolhoff B, Belle J, Liu X, De La Lastra A, Fu C, Hogg G, Kingston N, Breden M, Dodhiawala P, Zhou D, Lander V, James C, Ding L, Lim K, Fields R, Hawkins W, Wber J, Zhao G, DeNardo D 2023 Journal of Experimental Medicine Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Tumor Microenvironment Modifications Induced by Afatinib in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck: A Window-of-Opportunity Study (EORTC-90111–24111) Beyaert SP, Loriot AE, Huyghe ND, Goebbels RM, Mendola A, Govaerts AS, Fortpied C, Baldin P, Licitra LF, Lalami Y, Clement PM, Machiels JPH, Schmitz S 2023 Clinical Cancer Research Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Complex Urban Atmospheres alters Alveolar Stem Cells Niche Properties and drives Lung Fibrosis Belgacemi R, Baptista BR, Justeau G, Toigo M, Frauenpreis A, Yilmaz R, Der Vartanian A, Cazaunau M, Pangui E, Bergé A, Gratien A, Macias Rodriguez JC, Bellusci S, Derumeaux G, Boczkowski J, Al Alam D, Coll P, Lanone S, Boyer L 2023 American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology Fibrosis Classifier, Area Quantification, Highplex FL HALO
Modified Bushen Yiqi formula enhances antitumor immunity by reducing the chemotactic recruitment of M2-TAMs and PMN-MDSCs in Lewis lung cancer-bearing mice Kong Q, Zhu H, Gong W, Deng X, Liu B, Dong J 2023 Journal of Ethnopharmacology Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
TRβ Agonism Induces Tumor Suppression and Enhances Drug Efficacy in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer in Female Mice Gillis NE, Cozzens LM, Wilson ER, Smith NM, Tomczak JE, Bolf EL, Carr FE 2023 Endocrinology Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Characterization of immunosuppressive myeloid cells in Merkel cell carcinoma: correlation with resistance to PD-1 pathway blockade Tabachnick-Cherny S, Pulliam T, Rodriguez H, Fan X, Hippe D, Jones D, Moshiri A, Smythe K, Kulikauskas R, Zaba L, Paulson K, Nghiem P 2023 Clinical Cancer Research Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Unlocking the Hidden Depths: Multi-Modal Integration of Imaging Mass Spectrometry-Based and Molecular Imaging Techniques Akbari B, Huber BR, Sherman JH 2023 Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry Review Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI, HALO Link, HALO AP
Targeting myeloid chemotaxis to reverse prostate cancer therapy resistance Guo C, Sharp A, Gurel B, Crespo M, Figueiredo I, Jain S, Vogl U, Rekowski J, Rouhifard M, Gallagher L, Yuan W, Carreira S, Chandran K, Paschalis A, Colombo I, Stathis A, Bertan C, Seed G, Goodall J, Raynaud F, Ruddle R, Swales K, Malia J, Bogdan D, Tiu C, Caldwell R, Aversa C, Ferreira A, Neeb A, Tunariu N, Westaby D, Carmichael J, Maza M, Yap C, Matthews R, Badham H, Prout T, Turner A, Parmar M, Tovey H, Riisnaes R, Flohr P, Gil J, Waugh D, Decordova S, Schlag A, Calì B, Alimonti A, de Bono J S 2023 Nature Oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
The tumor microenvironment state associates with response to HPV therapeutic vaccination in patients with respiratory papillomatosis NORBERG S, BAI K, SIEVERS C, ROBBINS Y, FRIEDMAN J, YANG X, KENYON M, WARD E, SCHLOM J, GULLEY J, LANKFORD A, SEMNANI R, SABZEVARI H, BROUGH D, ALLEN C 2023 Science Translational Medicine Oncology Classifier, Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
Integrated FET sensing microsystem for specific detection of pancreatic cancer exosomal miRNA10b Yu Y, Liang C, Wan QQ, Jin D, Liu X, Zhang Z, Sun ZY, Zhang GJ 2023 Analytica Chimica Acta Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Construction and Mechanism of IL-15-based Co-Activated Polymeric Micelles for NK Cell Immunotherapy Shao D, Bai T, Zhu B, Guo X, Dong K, Shi J, Huang Q, Kong J 2023 Advanced Healthcare Materials Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Exocrine pancreas in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: different patterns of fibrosis, metaplasia, angiopathy, and adiposity  Wright J, Eskaros A, Windon A, Bottino R, Jenkins R, Bradley A, Aramandla R, Philips S, Kang H, Saunders D, Brissova M, Powers A 2023 Diabetes Gastroenterology Classifier, Highplex FL HALO
Tissue-specific features of the T cell repertoire after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in human and mouse DeWolf S, Elhanati Y, Nichols K, Waters N R, Nguyen C L, Slingerland J B, Rodriguez N, Lyudovyk O, Giardina P A, Kousa A I, Andrlová H, Ceglia N, Fei T, Kappagantula R, Li Y, Aleynick N, Baez P, Murali R, Hayashi A, Lee N, Gipson B, Rangesa M, Katsamakis Z, Dai A, Blouin A G, Arcila M, Masilionis I, Chaligné R, Ponce D M, Landau H J, Politikos I, Tamari R, Hanash A M, Jenq R R, Giralt S A, Markey K A, Zhang Y, Perales M-A, Socci N D, Greenbaum B D, Iacobuzio-Donahue C A, Hollmann T J, van den Brink M R M, Peled J U 2023 Science Translational Medicine Immunology Highplex FL HALO
Influence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the toxicity of ZnO nanoparticles in the intestinal histopathology, apoptosis, and microbial community of common carp Gao X, Ren H, Huang Y, Li Y, Shen J 2023 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology Toxicology Highplex FL HALO
Integrative multiomics enhancer activity profiling identifies therapeutic vulnerabilities in cholangiocarcinoma of different etiologies Hong J, Yong C, Heng H, Chan J, Lau M, Chen J, Lee J, Lim A, Li Z, Guan P, Chu P, Boot A, Ng S, Yao X, Wee F, Lim J, Liu W, Wang P, Xiao R, Zeng X, Sun Y, Koh J, Kwek X, Ng C, Klanrit P, Zhang Y, Lai J, Tai D, Pairojkul C, Dima S, Popescu I, Hsieh S, Yu M, Yeong J, Kongpetch S, Jusakul A, Loilome W, Tan P, Tan J, Teh B 2023 Gut Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is linked to an amended anti-tumorigenic microenvironment in gastric cancer Huan X, Zou K, Zhang P, Ding H, Luo C, Xiang C, Xu S, Zhuang Y, Wu C, Wang Y, Wu X, Chen C, Zhang J, Yao X, Liu F, Liu S, Wu Z 2023 International Immunopharmacology Immuno-oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
A novel molecular subtyping based on multi-omics analysis for prognosis predicting in colorectal melanoma: A 16-year prospective multicentric study Liu C, Cheng X, Han K, Hong L, Hao S, Sun X, Xu J, Li B, Jin D, Tian W, Jin Y, Wang Y, Fang W, Bao X, Zhao P, Chen D 2024 Cancer Letters Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Cholinergic signaling via muscarinic M1 receptor confers resistance to docetaxel in prostate cancer Wang J, Wei J, Pu T, Zeng A, Karthikeyan V, Bechtold B, Vo K, Chen J, Lin TP, Chang AP, Corey E, Puhr M, Klocker H, Culig Z, Bland T, Wu BJ 2024 Cell Reports Medicine Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Preclinical evaluation of a novel CAR-T therapy utilizing a scFv antibody highly specific to MAGE-A4p230-239/HLA-A*02:01 complex Wang L, Matsumoto M, Akahori Y, Seo N, Shirakura K, Kato T, Katsumoto Y, Miyahara Y, Shiku H 2024 Molecular Therapy Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Multiplex analysis of intratumoural immune infiltrate and prognosis in patients with stage II–III colorectal cancer from the SCOT and QUASAR 2 trials: a retrospective analysis Frei AL, McGuigan A, Sinha RAK, Jabbar F, Gneo L, Tomasevic T, Harkin A, Iveson T, Saunders MP, Oien KA, Maka N, Pezzella F, Campo L, Browne M, Glaire M, Kildal W, Danielsen HE, Hay J, Edwards J, Sansom O, Kelly C, Tomlinson I, Kerr R, Kerr D, Domingo E, consortium T, Church DN, Koelzer VH 2024 The Lancet Oncology Immuno-oncology Area Quantification, Highplex FL, TMA HALO, HALO AI
Early immune remodeling steers clinical response to frontline chemoimmunotherapy in advanced gastric cancer An M, Mehta A, Min BH, Geo YJ, Wright SJ, Parikh M, Bi L, Lee H, Kim TJ, Lee SY, Moon J, Park RJ, Strickland MR, Park WY, Kang WK, Kim KM, Kim ST, Lempner SJ, Lee J 2024 Cancer Discovery Immuno-oncology Classifier, Highplex FL HALO
Neoadjuvant radioimmunotherapy in pancreatic cancer enhances effector T cell infiltration and shortens their distances to tumor cells WANG J, GAI J, ZHANG T, NIU N, QI H, THOMAS II D L, LI K, XIA T, RODRIGUEZ C, PARKINSON R, DURHAM J, MCPHAUL T, NARANG A K, ANDERS R A, OSIPOV A, WANG H, HE J, LAHERU D A, HERMAN J M, LEE V, JAFFEE E M, THOMPSON E D, ZHU Q, ZHENG L 2024 Science Advances Immuno-oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL, Registration HALO
Stromal-derived MAOB promotes prostate cancer growth and progression Pu T, Wang J, Wei J, Zeng A, Zhang J, Chen J, Yin L, Li J, Lin T, Melamed J, Corey E, Gao A, Wu B 2024 Science Advances Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Multiomic molecular characterization of the response to combination immunotherapy in MSS/pMMR metastatic colorectal cancer Takei S, Tanaka Y, Lin Y, Koyama S, Fukuoka S, Hara H, Nakamura Y, Kuboki Y, Kotani D, Kojima T, Bando H, Mishima S, Ueno T, Kojima S, Wakabayashi M, Sakamoto N, Kojima M, Kuwata T, Yoshino T, Nishikawa H, Mano H, Endo I, Shitara K, Kawazoe A 2024 Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Sema6D forward signaling impairs T cell activation and proliferation in head and neck cancer Hirai T, Naito Y, Koyama S, Nakanishi Y, Masuhiro K, Izumi M, Kuge T, Naito M, Mizuno Y, Yamaguchi Y, Kang S, Yaga M, Futami Y, Nojima S, Nishide M, Morita T, Kato Y, Tsuda T, Takemoto N, Kinugasa-Katayama Y, Aoshi T, Villa J K, Yamashita K, Enokida T, Hoshi Y, Matsuura K, Tahara M, Takamatsu H, Takeda Y, Inohara H, Kumanogoh A 2024 JCI Insight Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO
Myeloid-Mas Signaling Modulates Pathogenic Crosstalk among MYC+CD63+ Endothelial Cells, MMP12+ Macrophages, and Monocytes in Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury Chen S, Lu Z, Zhao Y, Xia L, Liu C, Zuo S, Jin M, Jia H, Li S, Zhang S, Yang B, Wang Z, Li J, Wang F, Yang C 2024 Advanced Science Gastroenterology Highplex FL HALO
Cooperative pro-tumorigenic adaptation to oncogenic RAS through epithelial-to-mesenchymal plasticity De Blander H, Tonon L, Fauvet F, Pommier R M, Lamblot C, Benhassoun R, Angileri F, Gibert B, Rodriguez R, Ouzounova M, Morel A P, Puisieux A 2024 Science Advances Oncology Highplex FL HALO
Impact of metronomic trabectedin combined with low-dose cyclophosphamide on sarcoma microenvironment and correlation with clinical outcome: results from the TARMIC study Sun C-M, Toulmonde M, Spalato-Ceruso M, Peyraud F, Bessede A, Kind M, Cousin S, Buy X, Palussiere J, Bougouin A, Sautès-Fridman C, Fridman H W, Pulido M, Italiano A 2024 Molecular Cancer Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Single-cell and spatial multi-omics highlight effects of anti-integrin therapy across cellular compartments in ulcerative colitis Mennillo E, Kim Y, Lee G, Rusu I, Patel R K, Dorman L C, Flynn E, Li S, Bain J L, Andersen C, Rao A, Tamaki S, Tsui J, Shen A, Lotstein M L, Rahim M, Naser M, Bernard-Vazquez F, Eckalbar W, Cho S, Beck K, El-Nachef N, Lewin S, Selvig D R, Terdiman J P, Mahadevan U, Oh D Y, Fragiadakis G K, Pisco A, Combes A J, Kattah M G 2024 Nature Communications Immunology ISH, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL, TMA HALO, HALO AI
PABPC1L induces IDO1 to promote tryptophan metabolism and immune suppression in renal cell carcinoma Shu G, Chen M, Liao W, Fu L, Lin M, Gui C, Cen J, Lu J, Chen Z, Wei J, Chen W, Wang Y, Zhu J, Zhao T, Liu X, Jing J, Liu G, Pan Y, Luo J, Zhang J 2024 Cancer Research Oncology Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
Identification of tyrosine brominated extracellular matrix proteins in normal and fibrotic lung tissues Cruz LC, Habibovic A, Dempsey B, Massafera MP, Janssen-Heininger YM, Lin MJ, Hoffman ET, Weiss DJ, Huang SK, van der Vliet A, Meotti FC 2024 Redox Biology Fibrosis Area Quantification, Highplex FL HALO
Identification of the metaphyseal skeletal stem cell building trabecular bone YANG G, HE Q, GUO X, LI R, LIN J, LANG Y, TAO W, LIU W, LIN H, XING S, QI Y, XIE Z, HAN J, ZHOU B, TENG Y, YANG X 2024 Science Advances Other Highplex FL HALO
Serum amyloid A promotes glycolysis of neutrophils during PD-1 blockade resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma He M, Liu Y, Chen S, Deng H, Feng C, Qiao S, Chen Q, Hu Y, Chen H, Wang X, Jiang X, Xia X, Zhao M, Lyu N 2024 Nature Communications Immuno-oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
PDGFRa+ ITGA11+ fibroblasts foster early-stage cancer lymphovascular invasion and lymphatic metastasis via ITGA11-SELE interplay Zheng H, An M, Luo Y, Diao X, Zhong W, Pang M, Lin Y, Chen J, Li Y, Kong Y, Zhao Y, Yin Y, Ai L, Huang J, Chen C, Lin T 2024 Cancer Cell Oncology Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Multi-omics and imaging mass cytometry characterization of human kidneys to identify pathways and phenotypes associated with impaired kidney function. Asowata E O, Romoli S, Sargeant R, Tan J Y, Hoffmann S, Huang M M, Mahbubani K T, Krause F N, Jachimowicz D, Agren R, Koulman A, Jenkins B, Musial B, Griffin J L, Soderberg M, Ling S, Hansen P B L, Saeb-Parsy K, Woollard K J 2024 Kidney International Other ISH, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
An immune cell map of human lung adenocarcinoma development reveals an anti-tumoral role of the Tfh-dependent tertiary lymphoid structure Liu W, You W, Lan Z, Ren Y, Gao S, Li S, Chen W, Huang C, Zeng Y, Xiao N, Wang Z, Xie H, Ma H, Chen Y, Wang G, Chen C, Li H 2024 Cell Reports Medicine Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Efficacy and safety of PD-1 blockade plus long-course chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer (NECTAR): a multi-center phase 2 study Yang Z, Gao J, Zheng J, Han J, Li A, Liu G, Sun Y, Zhang J, Chen G, Xu R, Zhang X, Liu Y, Bai Z, Deng W, He W, Yao H, Zhang Z 2024 Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy Immuno-oncology Highplex FL HALO

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