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HALO® Module

Multiplex IHC

Indica Labs’ Multiplex IHC module separates up to five stains simultaneously within any cellular compartment (nucleus, cytoplasm or membrane) and can be used for a variety of IHC applications. This module is ideally suited for applications in immuno-oncology where multiple markers are required to characterize distinct immune and tumor cell populations within the tissue. Each cell is individually measured for cytoplasmic, nuclear, and/or membrane positivity. The software also reports a variety of other statistics relating size and staining intensity metrics.

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File formats supported by the HALO image analysis platform:

  • Non-proprietary (JPG, TIF, OME.TIFF)
  • Nikon (ND2)
  • 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • Akoya (QPTIFF, component TIFF)
  • Olympus / Evident (VSI)
  • Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • Aperio (SVS, AFI)
  • Zeiss (CZI)
  • Leica (SCN, LIF)
  • Ventana (BIF)
  • Philips (iSyntax, i2Syntax)
  • DICOM (DCM*)
    *whole-slide images

Publication Spotlight

The table below includes publications that cite the Multiplex IHC module. 

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Title Authors Year Journal Application HALO Modules Product
Evaluation of Early Markers of Ischemia-reperfusion Injury and Preservation Solutions in a Modified Hindlimb Model of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation Rostami S, Xu M, Datta S, Haykal S 2022 Transplantation Direct Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Landscape of cancer-associated fibroblasts identifies the secreted biglycan as a protumor and immunosuppressive factor in triple-negative breast cancer Zheng S, Zou Y, Tang Y, Yang A, Liang J, Wu L, Tian W, Xiao W, Xie X, Yang L, Xie J, Wei W, Xie X 2022 OncoImmunology Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Postmortem high-dimensional immune profiling of severe COVID-19 patients reveals distinct patterns of immunosuppression and immunoactivation Wu H, He P, Ren Y, Xiao S, Wang W, Liu Z, Li H, Wang Z, Zhang D, Cai J, Zhou X, Jiang D, Fei X, Zhao L, Zhang H, Liu Z, Chen R, Li W, Wang C, Zhang S, Qin J, Nasan B, Sun C 2022 Nature Communications Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC HALO
Transcription factor Mesenchyme Homeobox Protein 2 (MEOX2) modulates nociceptor function Kokotovic T, Lenartowicz E, Langeslag M, Ciotu C, Fell C, Scaramuzza A, Fischer M, Kress M, Penninger J, Nagy V 2022 The FEBS Journal Neruoscience Multiplex IHC HALO
Collaborative workflow between pathologists and deep learning for evaluation of tumor cellularity in lung adenocarcinoma Sakamoto T, Furukawa T, Pham H, Kuroda K, Tabata K, Kshima Y, Okoshi E, Morimoti S, Bychkov A, Fukuoka J 2022 bioRxiv Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO AI
African-Ancestry Associated Gene Expression Signatures and Pathways in Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a Comparison across Women of African Descent Martini R, Delpe P, Chu T, Arora K, Lord B, Verma A, Chen Y, Gebregzabher, Oppong J, Adjei E, Jibril A, Awuah B, Bekele M, Abebe E, Kyei I, Aitpillah F, Adinku M, Ankomah K, Osei-Bonsu E, Chitale D, Bensenhaver J, Nathanson S, Jackson L, Jiagge E, Petersen L, Proctor E, Gyan K, Gibbs L, Monojlovic Z, Kittles R, White J, Yates C, Manne U, Gardner K, Mongan N, Cheng E, Ginter P, Hoda S, Elemento O, Robine N, Sboner A, Carpten J, Newman L, Davis M 2022 medRxiv Oncology Multiplex IHC, Serial Section HALO
A selective and orally bioavailable VHL-recruiting PROTAC achieves SMARCA2 degradation in vivo Kofink C, Trainor N, Mair B, Wrhrle S, Wurm M, Mischerikow N, Bader G, Rumpel K, Gerstberger T, Cui Y, Greb P, Garavel G, Scharnweber M, Fuchs J, Gremel G, Chette P, Hopf S, Budano N, Rinnenthal J, Gmaschitz G, Diers E, McLennan R, Roy M, Whitworth C, Vetma V, Mayer M, Koegl M, Ciulli A, Weinstabl H, Farnaby W 2022 Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Classifier, Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Pathogenesis of follicular thymic hyperplasia associated with rheumatoid arthritis Ohe R, Yang S, Yamashita D, Ichikawa C, Saito A, Kabasawa T, Utsunomiya A, Aung N, Urano Y, Kitaoka T, Suzuki K, Takahara D, Sasaki A, Takakubo Y, Takagi M, Yamakawa M, Futakuchi M 2022 Pathology International Other Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Pancreas resident macrophage-induced fibrosis has divergent roles in pancreas inflammatory injury and PDAC Baer J, Zuo C, Kang L, Alarcon de la Lastra A, Bocherding N, Knolhoff B, Bogner S, Zhu Y, Lewis M, Zhang N, Kim K, Fields R, Mills J, Ding L, Randolph G, DeNardo D 2022 bioRxiv Fibrosis Classifier, Area Quantification, Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL, Figure Maker HALO
Nuclear expression of pSTAT3Tyr705†and pSTAT3Ser727†in the stromal compartment of localized hormone-naÔve prostate cancer Marginean F, Hellsten R, Krzyanowska A, Bjartell A 2022 Pathology - Research and Practice Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, TMA HALO
An Fc-inert PD-L1◊4-1BB bispecific antibody mediates potent anti-tumor immunity in mice by combining checkpoint inhibition and conditional 4-1BB co-stimulation Muik A, Altintas I, Gieseke F, Schoedel K, Burm S, Toker A, Salcedo T, Verzijl, Eisel D, Grunwitz C, Kranz L, Vormehr M, Satijn D, Diken M, Kreiter S, Sasser K, Ahmadi T, Tureci O, Breij E, Jure-Kunkel M, Sahin U 2022 OncoImmunology Immuno-oncology Area Quantification, Immune, Multiplex IHC HALO
Tertiary lymphoid structures critical for prognosis in endometrial cancer patients - a TransPORTEC study Horeweg N, Workel, H, Loiero D, Church D, Vermij L, LÈon-Castillo A, Krog R, de Boer S, Nout R, Powel M, Mileshkin L, MacKay H, Leary A, Singh N, J¸rgenliemk-Schulz I, Creutzberg C, Koelzer V, Nijman H, Bosse T, Bruyn M 2022 Nature Communications Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, TMA HALO, HALO AI
ZEB1 transcription factor promotes immune escape in melanoma Plaschka M, Benboubker V, Grimont M, Berthet J, Tonon L, Lopez J, Le-Bouar M, Balme B, Tondeau G, de la Fouchardiere A, Larue L, Puisieux A, Grinberg-Bleyer Y, Bendriss-Vermare N, Dubois B, Caux C, Dalle S, Caramel J 2022 Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Malfunction of airway basal stem cells plays a crucial role in pathophysiology of tracheobronchopathia osteoplastica Hong Y, Shan S, Gu Y, Huang H, Zhang Q, Han Y, Dong Y, Liu Z, Huang M, Ren T 2022 Nature Communications Other Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Sulforaphane exhibits antiviral activity against pandemic SARS-CoV-2 and seasonal HCoV-OC43 coronaviruses in vitro and in mice Ordonez A, Bullen C, Villabona-Rueda A, Thompson E, Turner M, Merino V, Yan Y, Kim J, Davis S, Komm O, Powell J, D'Alessio F, Yolken R, Jain S, Jones-Brando L 2022 Communications Biology Infectious Disease Area Quantification, Multiplex IHC HALO
Interspatial Distribution of Tumor and Immune Cells in Correlation with PD-L1 in Molecular Subtypes of Gastric Cancers Dislich B, Mertz K, Gloor B, Langer R 2022 Cancers Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Figure Maker HALO
Ad26.COV2.S prevents upregulation of SARS-CoV-2 induced pathways of inflammation and thrombosis in hamsters and rhesus macaques Aid M, Vidal S, Piedra-Mora C, Ducat S, Chan C, Bondoc S, Colarusso A, Starke C, Nekorchuk M, Busman-Sahay K, Estes J, Martinot A, Barouch D 2022 PLOS Pathogens Infectious Disease Area Quantification, Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Organelle resolved proteomics reveals new chordoma cell surface markers required for proliferation and association with outcome Khan S, Zuccato J, Ignatchenko V, Singh O, Govindarajan M, Waas M, Gao A, Zadeh G, Kislinger T 2022 Research Square Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Immune cell subsets in interface cutaneous immune-related adverse events (cirAEs) associated with anti-PD-1 therapy resemble accute graft vs host disease more than licen planus Cruz G, Kaunitz G, Stein J, Sander I, Hollmann T, Cottrell T, Taube J, Sunshine J 2022 Journal of Cutaneous Pathology Immunology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Therapeutic impact of BET inhibitor BI 894999 treatment: backtranslation from the clinic Tontsch-Grunt U, Traexler P, Baum A, Musa H, Marzin K, Wang S, Trapani F, Engelhardt H, Solca F 2022 British Journal of Cancer Oncology Classifier, Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Immune and epithelial determinants of age-related risk and alveolar injury in fatal COVID-19 Chait M, Yilmaz M, Shakil S, Ku A, Dogra P, Connors T, Szabo P, Gray J, Wells S, Kubota M, Matsumoto R, Poon M, Snyder M, Baldwin M, Sims P, Saqi A, Farber D, Weisberg S 2022 JCI Insight Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC HALO
Hyperpolarized 13C-Pyruvate Metabolism as a Surrogate for Tumor Grade and Poor Outcome in Renal Cell CarcinomaóA Proof of Principle Study Ursprung S, Woitek R, McLean M, Priest A, Crispin-Ortuzar M, Brodie C, Gill A, Gehrung M, Beer L, Riddick A, Field-Rayner J, Grist J, Deen S, Riemer F, Kaggie J, Zaccagna F, Duarte J, Locke M, Frary A, Aho T, Armitage J, Casey R, Mendichovszky I, Welsh S, Barrett T, Graves M, Eisen T, Mitchell T, Warren A, Brindle K, Sala E, Stewart G, Gallagher F 2022 Cancers Oncology Area Quantification, Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
C57BL/6J Mice Are Not Suitable for Modeling Severe SARS-CoV-2 Beta and Gamma Variant Infection Currey J, Rabito F, Maness N, Blair R, Rappaport J, Qin X, Kolls J, Srivastava A 2022 Viruses Infectious Disease Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Type I interferon regulates proteolysis by macrophages to prevent immunopathology following viral infection Lee A, Feng E, Chew M, Balint E, Poznanski S, Giles E, Zhang A, Marzok A, Revill S, Vahedi F, Dubey A, Ayaub E, Jimenez-Saiz R, McGrath J, Ritchie T, Jordana M, Jonigk D, Ackermann M, Ask K, Miller M, Richards C, Ashkar A 2022 PLOS Pathogens Infectious Disease Area Quantification, Multiplex IHC, TMA HALO
Dietary Pharmacological Zinc and Copper Enhances Voluntary Feed Intake of Nursery Pigs DeMille C, Burrough E, Kerr B, Schweer W, Gabler N 2022 Frontiers in Animal Science Other Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Spatial transcriptome of a germinal center plasmablastic burst hints at†MYD88/CD79B†mutants-enriched diffuse large B-cell lymphomas L'Imperio V, Morello G, Vegliante M, Cancila V, Bertolazzi G, Mazzara S, Belmonte B, Mangogna A, Balzarini P, Corral L, Lopez G, Di Napoli A, Facchetti F, Pagni F, Tripodo C 2022 European Journal of Immunology Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Multi-scale integrative analyses identify THBS2+†cancer-associated fibroblasts as a key orchestrator promoting aggressiveness in early-stage lung adenocarcinoma Yang H, Sun B, Fan L, Ma W, Xu K, Hall S, Wang Z, Schmid R, Peng R, Marti T, Gao W, Xu J, Yang W, Yao F 2022 Theranostics Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Maternal Western-Style Diet Impairs Bone Marrow Development and Drives a Hyperinflammatory Phenotype in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells in Fetal Rhesus Macaques Sureshchandra S, Chan C, Robino J, Parmelee L, Nash M, Wesolowski S, Pietras E, Friedman J, Takahashi D, Shen W, Hennebold J, Goldman D, Packwood W, Lindner J,Roberts C, Burwitz B, Messaoudi I, Varlamov O 2022 bioRxiv Metabolism Multiplex IHC HALO
Preclinical evaluation of†FAP?2286 for†fbroblast activation protein targeted radionuclide imaging and†therapy Zboralski D, Hoehne A, Bredenbeck A, Schumann A, Nguyen M, Schneider E, Ungewiss J, Paschke M, Haase C, von Hacht J, Kwan T, Lin K, Lenore J, Harding T, Xiao J, Simmons A, Mohan A, Beindorff N, Reineke U, Smerling C, Osterkamp F 2022 European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
Integrated†Analysis†Of†Immunotherapy†Treated†Clear†Cell†Renal†Cell†Carcinomas:†An†Exploratory†Study Sobottka B, Nienhold R, Nowak M, Hench J, Haeuptle P, Frank A, Sachs M, Kahraman A, Moch H, Koelzer V, Mertz K 2022 Journal of Immunotherapy Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, Figure Maker HALO, HALO AI
A lncRNA signature associated with tumor immune heterogeneity predicts distant metastasis in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma Liang Y, Zhang Y, Tan X, Qiao H, Liu S, Tang L, Mao Y, Chen L, Li W, Zhou G, Zhao Y, Li J, Li Q, Huang S, Gong S, Zheng Z, Li Z, Sun Y, Jiang W, Ma J, Li Y, Liu N 2022 Nature Communications Immuno-oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC, Registration HALO
Prenatal di-(2-ethylhexyl_ phthalate exposure induced myocardial cytotoxicity via the regulation of the NRG1-dependent ErbB2/ErbB4-PI3K/AKT signaling pathway in fetal mice Yu D, Zhu D, Wang X, Li B, Li J, Lu P, Ji Y, Wang X 2022 Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Other Multiplex IHC HALO
Effects of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on Functional Recovery and Circulating miR-375 and miR-382-5p after Subacute and Chronic Spinal Cord Contusion Injury in Rats Ashmwe M, Posa K, Ruhrnossl A, Heinzel J, Heimel P, Mock M, Schadl B, Keibl C, Couillard-Despres S, Redl H, Mittermayr R, Hercher D 2022 Biomedicines Neuroscience, Other Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Spatial meta-transcriptomics reveal associations of intratumor bacteria burden with lung cancer cells showing a distinct oncogenic signature Wong-Rolle A, Dong Q, Zhu Y, Divakar P, Hor J, Kedei N, Wong M, Tillo D, Conner E, Rajan A, Schrump D, Jim C, Germain R, Zhao C 2022 Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
SOX9+ malignant cells define a poor prognosis subtype of Glioma with tumor-associated macrophage recruitment Yu S, Ma C, Wang H, Yu B, Luan Y, Xia Z 2022 Research Square Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
The combination of gene hyperamplification and PD-L1 expression as a biomarker for the clinical benefit of tislelizumab in gastric/gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma Lu Z, Yang S, Luo X, Shi Y, Lee J, Deva S, Liu T, Chao Y, Zhang Y, Huang R, Xu Y, Shen Z, Shen L 2022 Gastric Cancer Immuno-oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Cancer-associated fibroblasts require proline synthesis by PYCR1 for the deposition of pro-tumorigenic extracellular matrix Kay E, Paterson K, Riero-Domingo C, Sumpton D, Dabritz J, Tardito S, Boldrini C, Hernandez-Fernaud J, Athineos D, Dhayade S, Stepanova E, Gjerga E, Neilson L, Lilla S, Hedley A, Koulouras G, McGregor G, Jamieson C, Johnson R, Park M, Kirschner K, Miller C, Kamphorst J, Loayza-Puch F, Saez-Rodriguez J, Mazzone M, Blyth K, Zagnoni M, Zanivan S 2022 Nature Metabolism Oncology, Metabolism Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Discovery of†a†novel ALK/ROS1/FAK inhibitor, APG-2449, in†preclinical non-small cell lung cancer and†ovarian cancer models Fang D, Tao R, Wang G, Li Y, Zhang K, Xu C, Zhai G, Wang Q, Wang J, Tang C, Min P, Xiong D, Chen J, Wang S, Yang D, Zhai Y 2022 BMC Cancer Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Cell graph neural networks enable the precise prediction of patient survival in gastric cancer Wang Y, Wang Y, Hu C, Li M, Fan Y, Otter N, Sam I, Gou H, Hu Y, Kwok T, Zalcberg J, Boussioutas A, Daly R, Montufar G, Lio P, Xu D, Webb G, Song J 2022 Precision Oncology Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Spartalizumab or placebo in combination with dabrafenib and trametinib in patients with†BRAF†V600-mutant melanoma: exploratory biomarker analyses from a randomized phase 3 trial (COMBI-i) Tawbi H, Robert C, Brase J, Gusenleitner D, Gasal E, Garrett J, Savchenko A, Gorgun G, Flaherty K, Ribas A, Dummer R, Schadendorf D, Long G, Nathan P, Ascierto P 2022 Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis HALO
Approaches to spatially resolving the tumour immune microenvironment of hepatocellular carcinoma Marsh-Wakefield F, Ferguson A, Liu K, Santhakumar C, McCaughan G, Palendira U 2022 Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology Review Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Intact HIV proviruses persist in the brain despite viral suppression with ART Cochrane C, Angelovich T, Byrnes S, Waring E, Guanizo A, Trollope G, Zhou J, Vue J, Senior L, Wanicek E, Eddine J, Gartner M, Jenkins T, Gorry P, Brew B, Lewin S, Estes J, Roche M, Churchill M 2022 Annals of Neurology Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC HALO
Radioprotective effect of X-ray abdominal FLASH irradiation: Adaptation to oxidative damage and inflammatory response may be benefiting factors Zhu H, Xie D, Yang Y, Huang S, Gao X, Peng Y, Wang B, Wang J, Xiao D, Wu D, Li C, Li C, Qian C, Deng X 2022 Medical Physics Oncology, Other Multiplex IHC HALO
Hyperpolarised†13C-MRI identifies the emergence of a glycolytic cell population within intermediate-risk human prostate cancer Sushentsev N, McLean M, Warren A, Benjamin A, Brodie C, Frary A, Gill A, Jones J, Kaggie J, Lamb B, Locke M, Miller J, Mills I, Priest A, Robb F, Shah N, Schulte R, Graves M, Gnanapragasam V, Brindle K, Barrett T, Gallacher F 2022 Nature Communications Oncology ISH/FISH, Membrane, Multiplex IHC HALO
DS-7300a, a DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitor, DXd-based Antibody-Drug Conjugate 2 Targeting B7-H3 Exerts Potent Antitumor Activities in Preclinical Models Yamato M, Hasegawa J, Maejima T, Hattori C, Kumagai K, Watanabe A, Nishiya Y, Shibutani T, Aida T, Hayakawa I, Nakada T, Abe Y, Agatsuma T 2022 Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Prostate cancer androgen receptor activity dictates efficacy of Bipolar Androgen Therapy Sena L, Kumar R, Sanin D, Thompson E, Rosen D, Dalrymple S, Antony L, Yang Y, Comes-Alexandre C, Hicks J, Jones T, Bowers K, Eskra J, Meyers J, Gupta A, Skaist A, Yegnasubramanian S, Luo J, Brennen W, Kachhap S, Antonarakis E, De Marzo A, Isaacs J, Markowski M, Denmeade S 2022 medRxiv Oncology Classifier, Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC, Registration HALO
Senescence-Associated Molecules and Tumor-Immune-Interactions as Prognostic Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer Kellers F, Fernandez A, Konykiewitz B, Schindeldecker M, Tagscherer K, Heintz A, Jesinghaus M, Roth W, Foersch S 2022 Frontiers in Medicine Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Registration, TMA HALO
Tau Pathology in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is Primarily Neuronal Butler M, Dixon E, Stein T, Alvarez V, Huber B, Buckland M, McKee A, Cherry J 2022 Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology Neuroscience Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO, HALO AI
Chemoradiation-induced alteration of programmed death-ligand 1, CD8+ tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and mucin expression in rectal cancer Baretti M, Zhu Q, Fu W, Meyer J, Wang H, Anders R, Azad N 2022 Oncotarget Oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis HALO
Glycosphingolipids are mediators of cancer plasticity through independent signaling pathways Cumin C, Huang Y, Rossdam C, Ruoff F, Cespedes S, Liang C, Lombardo F, Coelho R, Rimmer N, Konantz M, Lopez M, Alam S, Schmidt A, Calabrese D, Fedier A, Vlajnic T, Itzstein M, Templin M, Buettner F, Everest-Dass A, Heinzelmann-Schwarz V, Jacob F 2022 Cell reports Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Bright-Field Multiplex Immunohistochemistry Assay for Tumor Microenvironment Evaluation in Melanoma Tissues Ugolini F, Pasqualini E, Simi S, Baroni G, Massi D 2022 Cancers Other Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO Link
Knockdown of ZBTB11 impedes R-loop elimination and increases the sensitivity to cisplatin by inhibiting DDX1 transcription in bladder cancer Chen L, Liu Z, Tang H, Zhou Z, Chen J, Ma Z, Deng M, Li X, Wu Y, Zheng L, Zhou L, Zheng X, Liu Z 2022 Cell Proliferation Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL, Figure Maker HALO
Tumor-infiltrated activated B cells suppress liver metastasis of colorectal cancers Xu Y, Wei Z, Feng M, Zhu D, Mei S, Wu Z, Feng Q, Chang W, Ji M, Liu C, Zhu Y, Shen L, Yang F, Chen Y, Feng Y, Xu J, Zhu D 2022 Cell Reports Oncology, Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Tumor immune contexture is a determinant of anti-CD19 CAR T cell efficacy in large B cell lymphoma Scholler N, Perbost R, Locke F, Jain M, Turcan S, Danan C, Chang E, Neelapu S, Miklos D, Jacobson C, Lekakis L, Lin Y, Ghobadi A, Kim J, Chou J, Plaks V, Wang Z, Xue A, Mattie M, Rossi J, Bot A, Galon J 2022 Nature Medicine Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Figure Maker HALO
A Beta-containing bivalent SARS-CoV-2 spike protein vaccine candidate with AS03 elicits durable and broad neutralization of variants including Omicron in macaques and confers protection in hamsters Berry C, Pavot V, Anosova N, Kishko M, Huang D, Tibbitts T, Raillard A, Gautheron S, Cummings S, Bangari D, Kar S, Atyeo C, Deng Y, Alter G, Gutzeit C, Koutsoukos M, Chicz R, Lecouturier V 2022 Research Square Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC HALO
Immune cells in mesothelioma microenvironment simplistic marker of response to nivolumab plus ipilimumab Disselhorst M, Lubeck Y, van der Noort V, Quispel-Janssen J, Seignette I, Sanders J, Peters D, Hooijberg E, Baas P 2022 Lung Cancer Oncology Multiplex IHC, Registration HALO
In situ†mass spectrometry imaging reveals heterogeneous glycogen stores in human normal and cancerous tissues Young L, Conroy L, Clarke H, Hawkinson T, Bolton K, Sanders W, Chang J, Webb M, Alilain W, Vander Kooi C, Drake R, Andrews D, Badgett T, Wagner L, Allison D, Sun R, Gentry M 2022 EMBO Molecular Medicine Oncology, Metabolism Multiplex IHC HALO
Modelling aggressive prostate cancers of young men in immune-competent mice, driven by isogenic†Trp53†alterations and†Pten†loss Mejia-Hernandez J, Keam S, Saleh R, Muntz F, Fox S, Byrne D, Kogan A, Pang L, Huynh J, Litchfield C, Caramia F, Lozano G, He H, You J, Sandhu S, Williams S, Haupt Y, Haupt S 2022 Cell Death & Disease Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL, Figure Maker HALO
Integrated multi-omics analysis of adverse cardiac remodeling and metabolic inflexibility upon ErbB2 and ERR? deficiency Dufour C, Xia H, B'chir W, Perry M, Kuzmanov U, Gainullina A, Dejgaard K, Scholtes C, Ouellet C, Zuo D, Sanguin-Gendreau V, Guluzian C, Smith H, Muller W, Audet-Walsh E, Sergushichev A, Emili A, Giguere V 2022 Communications Biology Other Multiplex IHC HALO
Effects of hypoxia-preconditioned HucMSCs on neovascularization and follicle survival in frozen/thawed human ovarian cortex transplanted to immunodeficient mice Cheng J, Ruan X, Li Y, Du J, Jin F, Gu M, Zhou Q, Xu X, Yang Y, Wang H, Mueck A 2022 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Other Multiplex IHC HALO
STRIP2 motivates non-small cell lung cancer progression by modulating the TMBIM6 stability through IGF2BP3 dependent Zhang X, Chen Q, He Y, Shi Q, Yin C, Xie Y, Yu H, Bao Y, Tang C, Dong Z 2022 Research Square Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Integrated pathological analysis to develop a Gal-9 based immune survival stratification to predict the outcome of lung large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma and its usefulness in immunotherapy Che Y, Luo Z, Cao Y, Wang J, Xue Q, Sun N, He J 2022 International Journal of Biological Sciences Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Dapagliflozin reduces the vulnerability of rats with pulmonary arterial hypertension-induced right heart failure to ventricular arrhythmia by restoring calcium handling Wu J, Liu T, Shi S, Fan Z, Hiram R, Xiong F, Cui B, Su X, Chang R, Zhang W, Yan M, Tang Y, Huang H, Wu G, Guang C 2022 Cardiovascular Diabetology Other Multiplex IHC HALO
The NALCN channel regulates metastasis and nonmalignant cell dissemination Rahrmann E, Shorthouse D, Jassim A, Hu L, Ortiz M, Mahler-Araujo B, Vogel P, Paez-Ribes M, Fatemi A, Hannon G, Iyer R, Blundon J, Lourenco F, Kay J, Nazarian R, Hall B, Zakharenko S, Winton D, Zhu L, Gilbertson R 2022 Nature Genetics Oncology ISH/FISH, Multiplex IHC HALO
The proteomic landscape of glioblastoma recurrence reveals novel and targetable immunoregulatory drivers Tatari N, Khan S, Livingstone J, Zhai K, Mckenna D, Ignatchenko V, Chokshi C, Gwynne W, Singh M, Revill S, Mikolajewicz N, Zhu C, Chan J, Hawkins C, Lu J, Provias J, Ask K, Morrissy S, Brown S, Weiss T, Weller M, Han H, Greenspoon J, Moffat J, Venugopal C, Boutros P 2022 Acta Neuropathologica Oncology Multiplex IHC, Figure Maker, TMA HALO
PD-L1 predicts chemotherapy resistance in large-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma Che Y, Luo Z, Cao Y, Sun N, Xue Q, He J 2022 British Journal of Surgery Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Overcoming high level adenosine-mediated immunosuppression by DZD2269, a potent and selective A2aR antagonist Bai Y, Zhang X, Zheng J, Liu Z, Yang Z, Zhang X 2022 Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Carbonic anhydrase 14 protects the liver against the cytotoxicity of bile acids in a biliary bicarbonate umbrella-related manner Qian J, Shen Q, Zhang T, Chen J, Chen L, Dong Y, Yan R, Chen Z 2022 Life Sciences Other Multiplex IHC HALO
Targeting breast and pancreatic cancer metastasis using a dual-cadherin antibody Micalizzi D, Che D, Nicholson B, Edd J, Desai N, Lang E, Toner M, Maheswaran S, Ting D, Haber D 2022 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Cystatin C is glucocorticoid-responsive, directs recruitment of Trem2+ macrophages and predicts failure of cancer immunotherapy Kleeman S, Demestichas B, Mourikis N, Loiero D, Ferrer M, Bankier S, Riazat-Kesh Y, Lee H, Chantzichristos D, Regan C, Preall J, Sinha S, Rosin N, Yipp B, de Almeida L, Biernaskie J, Dufour A, Tober-Lau P, Ruusalepp A, Bjorkegren J, Ralser M, Kuth F, Demechev V, Heywood T, Gao Q, Johannsson G, Koelzer V, Walker B, Meyer H, Janowitz T 2022 medRxiv Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Single-incision cochlear implantation and hearing evaluation in piglets and minipigs Yildiz E, Gerlitz M, Gadenstaetter A, Landegger L, Nieratschker M, Schum D, Schmied M, Haase A, Kanz F, Kramer A, Glueckert R, Staecker H, Honeder C, Arnoldner C 2022 Hearing Research Neuroscience Multiplex IHC HALO
The Neo-PLANET phase II trial of neoadjuvant camrelizumab plus concurrent chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced adenocarcinoma of stomach or gastroesophageal junction Tang Z, Wang Y, Liu D, Wang X, Xu C, Yu Y, Cui Y, Tang C, Li Q, Sun J, Zhang Q, Ji Y, Ma G, Li H, Shen Z, Shen K, Zheng R, Hou Z, Liu T, Wang J, Sun Y 2022 Nature Communications Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Multiplex IHC HALO
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Oct4 promoted proliferation, migration, invasion, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in colon cancer cells by activating the SCF/c-Kit signaling pathway Bu X, Liu Y, Wang L, Yan Z, Xin G, Su W 2022 Cell Cycle Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
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CD8+ Cell Density Gradient across the Tumor Epithelium–Stromal Interface of Non-Muscle Invasive Papillary Urothelial Carcinoma Predicts Recurrence-Free Survival after BCG Immunotherapy Drachneris J, Rasmusson A, Morkunas M, Fabijonavicius M, Cekauskas A, Jankevicius F, Laurinavicius A 2023 Cancers Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, HALO AI HALO
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Radiation-induced persistent DNA damage response and late toxicity in cardiac tissue Shigemori K, Jiang Y, Martin J, Hawkins M, Ryan A, Parkes E 2023 bioRxiv Other Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Single-cell analysis reveals changes in BCG vaccine-injected mice modeling tuberculous meningitis brain infection Zhang X, Zhao Z, Wu Q, Wang L, Li L, Wang M, Ren Y, Pan L, Tang H, Li F 2023 Cell Reports Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Notch3 regulates Mybl2 via HeyL to limit proliferation and tumor initiation in breast cancer Brahim S, Negulescu A, Geneste C, Schott T, Lin S, Morel L, Rama N, Gadot N, Treilleux I, Mehlen P, Meurette O 2023 Cell Death & Disease Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Electroacupuncture Zusanli (ST36) Relieves Somatic Pain in Colitis Rats by Inhibiting Dorsal Root Ganglion Sympathetic-Sensory Coupling and Neurogenic Inflammation Wang Y, Zhu H, Lv X, Ren X, Peng Y, Qu J, Shen X, Sun R, Xiao M, Zhang H, Chen Z, Cong P 2023 Neural Plasticity Neuroscience Multiplex IHC HALO
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Loss of Peroxiredoxin IV Protects Mice from Azoxymethane/Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colorectal Cancer Development Thapa P, Jiang H, Ding N, Hao Y, Alshahrani A, Lee E, Fujii J, Wei Q 2023 Antioxidants Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
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YBX1 integration of oncogenic PI3K/mTOR signalling regulates the fitness of malignant epithelial cells Bai Y, Gotz C, Chincarini G, Zhao Z, Slaney C, Boath J, Furic L, Angel C, Jane S, Phillips W, Stacker S, Farah C, Darido C 2023 Nature Communications Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
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Preclinical Evaluation of 9MW2821, a Site-Specific Monomethyl Auristatin E-based Antibody-Drug Conjugate for treatment of Nectin-4-expressing Cancers  Zhou W, Fang P, Yu D, Ren H, You M, Yin L, Mei F, Zhu H, Wang Z, Xu H, Cao Y, Sun X, Xu X, Bi J, Wang J, Ma L, Wang X, Chen L, Zhang Y, Cen X, Zhu X, Lou L, Liu D, Tan X, Yang J, Meng T, Shen J 2023 Molecular Cancer Therapeutics Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
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Immunoscore immune checkpoint using spatial quantitative analysis of CD8 and PD-L1 markers is predictive of the efficacy of anti- PD1/PD-L1 immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer Ghiringhelli F, Bibeau F, Greillier L, Fumet J, Ilie A, Monville F, Laugé C, Catteau A, Boquet I, Majdi A, Morgand E, Oulkhouir Y, Brandone N, Adam J, Sbarrato T, Kassambara A, Fieschi J, Garcia S, Lepage A, Tomasini P, Galon J 2023 EBioMedicine Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis HALO
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Detection of virus in colorectal cancer and the tumor immune microenvironment in EBV-associated colorectal cancer Lv D, Zuo Y, Bibi A, Meng T, Xu Y 2023 Research Square Oncology, Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC HALO
Effects of a long-acting secretin peptide analog alone and in combination with a GLP-1R agonist in a diet-induced obesity mouse model Loeffler M, Klepac K, Baljuls A, Hamilton B, Mayer-Wrangowski S, Haebel P, Zimmermann T 2023 Molecular Metabolism Metabolism Multiplex IHC HALO
Endosomal Escape Vehicle Platform Enhances the Delivery of Oligonucleotides in Preclinical Models of Neuromuscular Disorders Li X, Kheirabadi M, Dougherty P, Kamer K, Shen X, Estrella N, Peddigari S, Pathak A, Blake S, Sizensky E, del Genio C, Gaur A, Dhanabal M, Girgenrath M, Sethuraman N, Qian Z 2023 Molecular Therapy: Nucleic Acid Neuroscience Multiplex IHC HALO
Endocrine therapy synergizes with SMAC mimetics to potentiate antigen presentation and tumor regression in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer  Hermida-Prado F, Xie Y, Sherman S, Nagy Z, Russo D, Akhshi T, Chu Z, Feit A, Campisi M, Chen M, Nardone A, Guarducci C, Lim K, Font-Tello A, Lee I, García-Pedrero J, Canadas I, Agudo J, Huang Y, Sella T, Jin Q, Tayob N, Mittendorf E, Tolaney S, Qiu X, Long H, Symmans W, Lin J, Santagata S, Bedrosian I, Yardley D, Mayer I, Richardson E, Oliveira G, Wu C, Schuster E, Dowsett M, Welm A, Barbie D, Metzger O, Jeselsohn R 2023 Cancer Research Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Unbiased differential proteomic profiling between cancerassociated fibroblasts and cancer cell lines Lau R, Yu L, Roumeliotis T, Stewart A, Pickard L, Riisanes R, Gurel B, de Bono J, Choudhary J, Banerji U 2023 Journal of Proteomics Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Absence of sympathetic innervation hampers the generation of tertiary lymphoid structures upon acute lung inflammation Riffard C, Letaïef L, Azar S, Casrouge A, Brunet I, Teillaud JL, Dieu-Nosjean MC 2023 Research Square Immunology Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
GREB1 isoform 4 is specifically transcribed by MITF and required for melanoma proliferation Shinzawa K, Matsumoto S, Sada R, Harada A, Saitoh K, Kato K, Ikeda S, Hirayama A, Yokoi K, Tanemura A, Nimura K, Ikawa M, Soga T, Kikuchi A 2023 Oncogene Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Intratumoral Heterogeneity of Ki67 Proliferation Index Outperforms Conventional Prognostic Factors in Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer Zilenaite-Petrulaitiene D, Rasmusson A, Besusparis J, Valkiuniene R, Augulis R, Laurinaviciene A, Plancoulaine B, Petkevicius L, Laurinavicius A 2023 Research Square Oncology Multiplex IHC, Figure Maker HALO, HALO AI
Low molecular weight heparin synergistically enhances the efficacy of adoptive and anti-PD-1-based immunotherapy by increasing lymphocyte infiltration in colorectal cancer Quan Y, He J, Zou Q, Zhang L, Sun Q, Huang H, Li W, Xie K, Wie F 2023 Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Immuno-oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Neoadjuvant palbociclib plus either giredestrant or anastrozole in oestrogen receptor-positive, HER2-negative, early breast cancer (coopERA Breast Cancer): an open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 2 study Hurvitz SA, Bardia A, Quiroga V, Park YH, Blancas I, Alonso-Romero JL, Vasiliev A, Adamchuk H, Salgado M, Yardley DA, Berzoy O, Zamora-Auñón P, Chan D, Spera G, Xue C, Ferreira E, Badovinac Crnjevic T, Pérez-Moreno PD, López-Valverde V, Steinseifer J, Fernando TM, Moore HM, Fasching PA, on behalf of the coopERA Breast Cancer study group 2023 The Lancet Oncology Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
MYC is a clinically significant driver of mTOR inhibitor resistance in breast cancer Bhin J, Yemelyanenko J, Chao X, Klarenbeek S, Opdam M, Malka Y, Hoekman L, Kruger D, Bleijerveld O, Brambillasca CS, Sprengers J, Siteur B, Annunziato S, van Haren MJ, Martin NI, van de Ven M, Peters D, Agami R, Linn SC, Boven E, Altelaar M, Jonkers J, Zingg D, Wessels LFA 2023 Journal of Experimental Medicine Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Pan-Cancer Analysis Revealed ITM2A as a Predictive Biomarker of Prognosis and Immunotherapy for Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma Zhang H, Fang J, Ruan R, Yu J, Wang S 2023 Research Square Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Pathologist-Trained Machine Learning Classifiers Developed to Quantitate Celiac Disease Features Differentiate Endoscopic Biopsies According to Modified Marsh Score and Dietary Intervention Response Gruver A, Lu H, Zhao X, Fulford A, Soper M, Ballard D, Hanson J, Schade A, His E, Gottlieb K. Credille K 2023 Research Square Gastroenterology Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Differential effects of PGAM5 knockout on high fat high fructose diet and methionine choline-deficient diet induced non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) in mice Li L, Guo C, Yu Y, Tie L, Lu G, Liu F, Han X, Ji L, Zou X 2023 Cell & Bioscience Metabolism Area Quantification, Multiplex IHC HALO
Neighboring macrophage-induced alteration in the phenotype of colorectal cancer cells in the tumor budding area Kawamura I, Ohe R, Suzuki K, Kabasawa T, Kitoaka T, Takahara D, Kono M, Uchiyama N, Musha H, Futakuchi M, Motoi F 2023 Research Square Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis HALO
Evaluation of the efficacy of Abelmoschus manihot (L.) on diabetic nephropathy by analyzing biomarkers in the glomeruli and proximal and distal convoluted tubules of the kidneys Yu H, Wang M, Yu J, Tang H, Xu Q, Cheng N, Luo X, Wang Y, Ge H, Qiang L, Tang W, Gu H 2023 Frontiers in Pharmacology Gastroenterology Multiplex IHC HALO
Immune response after pig-to-human kidney xenotransplantation: a multimodal phenotyping study Loupy A, Goutaudier V, Giarraputo A, Mezine F, Morgand E, Robin B, Khalil K, Mehta S, Keating B, Dandro A, Certain A, Tharaux PL, Narula N, Tissier R, Giraud S, Hauet T, Pass HI, Sannier A, Wu M, Griesemer A, Ayares D, Tatapudi V, Stern J, Lefaucheur C, Bruneval P, Mangiola M, Montgomery RA 2023 The Lancet Immunology Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
A novel 4-1BB/HER2 bispecific antibody shows potent antitumor activities by increasing and activating tumor-infiltrating T cells Shen A, Liu W, Wang H, Zeng X, Wang M, Zhang D, Zhao Q, Fang Q, Wang F, Cheng L, Shen G, Li Y 2023 American Journal of Cancer Research Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Combining the AKT inhibitor capivasertib and SERD fulvestrant is effective in palbociclib-resistant ER+ breast cancer preclinical models Hopcroft L, Wigmore EM, Williamson SC, Ros S, Eberlein C, Moss JI, Urosevic J, Carnevalli LS, Talbot S, Bradshaw L, Blaker C, Gunda S, Owenson V, Hoffmann S, Sutton D, Jones S, Goodwin RJAG, Willis BS, Rooney C, DeBruin E, Barry ST 2023 npj Breast Cancer Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Macrophage reprogramming—rather than depletion —is efficacious in a specific subset of colorectal tumor models Mohamed N, Amirkhah R, Lavaud X, Gilroy K, Bartolini R, Mulholland E, Garg A, Pennel K, Jackstadt R, Ridgway R, Nixon C, Hatthakarnku P, Campbell A, Leedham S, Edwards J, Dunne P, Barry S, Graham G, Sansom O 2023 Research Square Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Early Detection of Genotoxic Hepatocarcinogens in Rats Using γH2AX and Ki-67: Prediction by Machine Learning Michiba A, Gi M, Yokohira M, Sakurai E, Teramoto A, Kiriyama Y, Yamada S, Wanibuchi H, Tsukamoto T 2023 Toxicological Sciences Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Netrin-1 blockade inhibits tumour growth and EMT features in endometrial cancer Cassier PA, Navaridas R, Bellina M, Rama N, Ducarouge B, Hernandez-Vargas H, Delord JP, Lengrand J, Paradisi A, Fattet L, Garin G, Gheit H, Dalban C, Pastushenko I, Neves D, Jelin R, Gadot N, Braissand N, Léon S, Degletagne C, Matias-Guiu X, Devouassoux-Shisheboran M, Mery-Lamarche EM, Allard J, Zindy E, Decaestecker C, Salmon I, Perol D, Dolcet X, Ray-Coquard I, Blanpain C, Bernet A, Mehlen P 2023 Nature Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Feasibility and Impact of Immunohistochemistry-based Molecular Subtyping for Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer in Patients Treated with Radiation-based Therapy Hesswani C, Jackson CL, Marcq G, Hardy C, Kool R, Mansure JJ, Brimo F, Berman DM, Kassouf W 2023 European Urology Open Science Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
A TIAM1- TRIM28 complex mediates epigenetic silencing of protocadherins to promote migration of lung cancer cells Ginn L, Maltas J, Baker MJ, Chaturvedi A, Wilson L, Guilbert R, Amaral FMR, Priest L, Mole H, Blackhall F, Diamantopoulou Z, Somervaille TCP, Hurlstone A, Mallairi A 2023 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Aberrant gene activation in synovial sarcoma relies on SSX specificity and increased PRC1.1 stability Benabdallah NS, Dalal V, Scott RW, Marcous F, Sotiriou A, Kommoss FKF, Pejkovska A, Gaspar L, Wagner L, Sánchez-Rivera FJ, Ta M, Thornton S, Nielsen TO, Underhill TM, Banito A 2023 Nature Structural & Molecular Biology Oncology Multiplex IHC, TMA HALO, HALO AI
Effects and Mechanisms of the Subtypes of Apolipoprotein E to the Immune State and Prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma patients Gao B, Zhou P, Wang L, Wang Z, Yi Y, Zhou J, Fan J, Qiu S, Xu Y 2023 Research Square Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
HER2-Selective and Reversible Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Tucatinib Potentiates the Activity of T-DM1 in Preclinical Models of HER2-positive Breast Cancer  Olson D, Taylor J, Willis K, Hensley K, Allred S, Zaval M, Farr L, Thurman R, Jain N, Hein R, Ulrich M, Peterson S, Kulukian A 2023 Cancer Research Communications Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Icariside II potentiates the anti-PD-1 antitumor effect by reducing chemotactic infiltration of myeloid-derived suppressor cells into the tumor microenvironment via ROS-mediated inactivation of the SRC/ERK/STAT3 signaling pathways Kong Q, Ma M, Zhang L, Liu S, He S, Wu J, Liu B, Dong J 2023 Phytomedicine Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Establishment of reference intervals of endometrial immune cells during the mid-luteal phase Yu S, Huang C, Lian R, Diao L, Zhang X, Cai S, Wei H, Chen C, Li Y, Zeng Y 2023 Journal of Reproductive Immunology Immunology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Anticoagulants Enhance Molecular and Cellular Immunotherapy of Cancer by Improving Tumor Microcirculation Structure and Function and Redistributing Tumor Infiltrates Wei F, Su Y, Quan Y, Li X, Zou Q, Zhang L, Li S, Jiang M, Lin G, Liang P, He J, Xie K 2023 Clinical Cancer Research Immuno-oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Apolipoprotein A-IV of diabetic-foot patients upregulates tumor necrosis factor α expression in microfluidic arterial models Ji J, Zhao X, Huang J, Wu X, Xie F, Li L, Wang T, Mi S 2023 Experimental Biology and Medicine Other Multiplex IHC HALO
Mitochondria-localized cGAS suppresses ferroptosis to promote cancer progression Qiu S, Zhong X, Meng X, Li S, Qian X, Lu H, Cai J, Zhang Y, Wang M, Ye Z, Zhang H, Gao P 2023 Cell Research Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Spatial mapping reveals granuloma diversity and histopathological superstructure in human tuberculosis Sawyer A, Patrick E, Edwards J, Wilmott J, Fielder T, Yang Q, Barber D, Ernst J, Britton W, Palendira U, Chen X, Feng C 2023 Journal of Experimental Medicine Immunology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FL HALO
Targeting the IL1β Pathway for Cancer Immunotherapy Remodels the Tumor Microenvironment and Enhances Antitumor Immune Responses Diwanji R, O'Brien N, Choi J, Nguyen B, Laszewski T, Grauel A, Yan Z, Xu X, Wu J, Ruddy D, Piquet M, Pelletier M, Savchenko A, Charette L, Rodrik-Outmezguine V, Baum J, Millholland J, Wong C, Martin A, Dranoff G, Pruteanu-Malinici I, Cremasco V, Sabatos-Peyton C, Jayaraman P 2023 Cancer Immunology Research Immuno-oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
Spinal Cord Stimulation Increases Chemoefficacy and Prevents Paclitaxel-Induced Pain via CX3CL1 Sivanesan E, Sanchez K, Zhang C, He S, Linderoth B, Stephens K, Raja S, Guan Y 2023 Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO
DNA Damage-Induced, S-Phase Specific Phosphorylation of Orc6 is Critical for the Maintenance of Genome Stability Lin Y, Liu D, Chakraborty A, Macias V, Brister E, Sonalkar J, Shen L, Mitra J, Ha T, Kajdacsy-Balla A, Prasanth K, Prasanth S 2023 Molecular and cellular biology Other Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Using artificial intelligence to identify tumor microenvironment heterogeneity in non-small cell lung cancers DuCote T, Naughton K, Skaggs E, Bocklage T, Allison D, Brainson C 2023 Laboratory Investigation Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Whole-Slide Imaging, Mutual Information Registration for Multiplex Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence Doyle J, Green B, Eminizer M, Jimenez-Sanchez D, Lu S, Engle E, Xu H, Ogurtsova A, Lai J, Soto-Diaz S, Roskes J, Deutsch J, Taube J, Sunshine J, Szalay A 2023 Laboratory Investigation Other Multiplex IHC, Registration HALO
Inhibiting membrane rupture with NINJ1 antibodies limits tissue injury Kayagaki N, Stowe I, Alegre K, Deshpande I, Wu S, Lin Z, Kornfeld O, Lee B, Zhang J, Liu J, Suto E, Lee W, Schneider K, Lin W, Seshasayee D, Bhangale T, Chalouni C, Johnson M, Joshi P, Mossemann J, Zhao S, Ali D, Goldenberg N, Sayed B, Steinberg B, Newton K, Webster J, Kelly R, Dixit V 2023 Nature Other Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase sustains a core epigenetic program that promotes metastatic colonization in breast cancer Pinto Couto J, Vulin M, Jehanno C, Coissieux M, Hamelin B, Schmidt A, Ivanek R, Sethi A, Bräutigam K, Frei A, Hager C, Manivannan M, Gómez-Miragaya J, Obradović M, Varga Z, Koelzer V, Mertz K, Bentires-Alj M 2023 The EMBO Journal Oncology Area Quantification, Multiplex IHC HALO, HALO AI
The tumor immune microenvironment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma after gemcitabine plus cisplatin treatment Lv J, Wei Y, Yin J, Chen Y, Zhou G, Wei C, Liang X, Zhang Y, Zhang C, He S, He Q, Huang Z, Guan J, Shen J, Li X, Li J, Li W, Tang L, Mao Y, Guo R, Sun R, Zheng Y, Zhou W, Xiong K, Wang S, Jin X, Liu N, Li G, Kuang D, Sun Y, Ma J 2023 Nature Medicine Oncology Multiplex IHC, Highplex FL HALO
Immune profiling and RNA-seq uncover the cause of partial unexplained recurrent implantation failure Fan X, Zhao Q, Li Y, Chen Z, Liao J, Chen H, Meng F, Lu G, Lin G, Gong F 2023 International Immunopharmacology Immunology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Targeting the ATF6-mediated ER stress response and autophagy blocks integrin-driven prostate cancer progression Macke A, Pachikov A, Divita T, Morris M, LaGrange C, Holzapfel M, Kubyshkin A, Zyablitskaya E, Makalish T, Eremenko S, Qiu H, Riethoven J, Hemstreet G, Petrosyan A 2023 Molecular Cancer Research Oncology Classifier, Area Quantification, Multiplex IHC, TMA HALO
Comparing the peri-implantation endometrial T-bet/GATA3 ratio between control fertile women and patients with recurrent miscarriage: establishment and application of a reference range Get access Arrow Yu S, Diao L, Lian R, Chen C, Huang C, Li X, Li Y, Zeng Y 2023 Human Reproduction Other Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Jing-Fang powder ethyl acetate extracts attenuate atopic dermatitis by modulating T-cell activity Zhao G, Tong Y, Xu J, Zhu W, Zeng J, Liu R, Luan F, Zeng N 2023 Molecular Immunology Immunology, Dermatology Multiplex IHC HALO
LY6E is a pan-coronavirus restriction factor in the respiratory tract Mar K, Wells A, Van Dyke M, Lopez A, Eitson J, Fan W, Hanners N, Evers B, Shelton J, Schoggins J 2023 Nature Microbiology Infectious Disease Multiplex IHC HALO
Spatial Proximity and Relative Distribution of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Macrophages Predict Survival in Melanoma De Logu F, Ugolini F, Iannone L F, Simi S, Maio V, de Giorgi V, di Giacomo A M, Miracco C, Cossu A, Palmieri G, Mandalà M, Massi D 2023 Laboratory Investigation Oncology Multiplex IHC, Spatial Analysis HALO, HALO Link
Concurrent targeting of HDAC and PI3K to overcome phenotypic heterogeneity of castration-resistant and neuroendocrine prostate cancers Zhang A, Lau N, Wong A, Brown L, Coleman I, Sarkar N, Li D, DeLucia D, Labrecque M, Nguyen H, Conner J, Dumpit R, True L, Lin D, Corey E, Alumkal J, Nelson P, Morrissey C, Lee J 2023 Cancer Research Communications Oncology Multiplex IHC, Figure Maker HALO
Deep radiomics-based fusion model for prediction of bevacizumab treatment response and outcome in patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases: a multicentre cohort study Zhou S, Sun D, Mao W, Liu Y, Cen W, Ye L, Liang F, Xu J, Shi H, Ji Y, Wang L, Chang W 2023 eClinicalMedicine Oncology Classifier, Multiplex IHC HALO
Inhibition of mitochondrial fission activates glycogen synthesis to support cell survival in colon cancer Hasani S, Young LEA, Van Nort W, Banerjee M, Rivas DR, Kim J, Xiong X, Sun RC, Gentry MS, Sesaki H, Gao T 2023 Cell Death & Disease Oncology Multiplex IHC HALO

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