Interested in Quantitative Image Analysis in Oncology?

In this blog post, you can learn about what the team at Indica Labs has planned for the upcoming AACR 2022 conference in New Orleans! From April 10-13, our team will be in  booth #1147, and our Applications Scientists will be available to answer any questions you have about how our HALO® software suite can advance your oncology research and can provide you with a demonstration of the latest release of our flagship HALO® image analysis software, our powerful HALO AI™ deep learning add-on, and our HALO Link™ collaborative web-based image management platform.  

Learn about the many ways our customers and technology collaborators are advancing oncology and immuno-oncology research by attending the posters and platform presentations listed below.

We hope to see you in our booth or at one of the HALO presentations!


AACR 2022 Posters and Platform Presentations Featuring HALO® Image Analysis 

Be sure to check out these presentations featuring HALO image analysis that are organized according to the Session Category. We have a collaborative poster with ACD, a Biotechne company, on analysis of HiPlex v2 RNAscope assays in the Tumor Biology category, and we have a collaborative poster with the team at Visikol. We hope you get a chance to attend these presentations and speak to our Applications team! 


Low CD8 T cells predicts benefit from hypoxia-modifying therapy in bladder cancer  – Poster

Evolution, Immune Regulation, and the Microenvironment of Metastasis

High agreement between immune profiling assays on the detection of infiltrating immune cells in ovarian tumor tissue – Poster

Immune Response to Therapies 2 / Immune Monitoring and Clinical Correlates 

Custom PhenoImager™ fluorescent multiplex IHC panel identifies mature tertiary lymphoid structures in colorectal cancer – Poster

Innate Immunity to Cancer 

Spatially resolved immune cell atlas of human liver cancer identifies the cellular interaction network underlying mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cell dysfunction in hepatocellular carcinoma – Poster

Mitochondrial Metabolism in Cancer 

Increased mitochondrial gene expression in prostate cancer – Poster

Models and Technical Approaches to Analyze and Examine the Tumor Microenvironment 

Development of specific multiplexed immunofluorescence immune assays to study mouse models of tumorigenesis – Poster

High throughput tissue phenotyping and imaging of the tumor immune microenvironment using novel FlexVUE™ multiplexed immunofluorescence assays  – Poster

Solid tumor analytical validation of a T-regulatory immunohistochemistry multiplex for clinical studies – Poster

Spatial multi-omics analysis targeting protein and RNA biomarkers on a single FFPE tissue section using an integrated staining workflow – Poster

New Approaches to Targeting Hormone Dependent Cancers

Molecular pathology of metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma treated with bipolar androgen therapy (BAT) reveals a correlation between MYC mRNA and protein – Poster

Pathology for Cancer Researchers

How molecular pathology tools lead to novel insights and inform tissue based genomics in cancer Platform Presentation

Tumor Biology 

Cytometric analysis of immune cell populations in clinical tumor biopsy tissue microarrays for immuno-oncology Poster 

 Spatial multiplex profiling of immune cell markers in FFPE tumor tissues using the RNAscope™ HiPlex v2 in situ hybridization assay Poster 


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