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Vacuole Quantification Module

Quantify the number and size of white spaces in tissue in brightfield images with the HALO® Vacuole Quantification module. This multi-purpose module is ideally suited for analysis of lipids in brown and white adipose tissue, lipid droplets in liver tissue (steatosis), and alveoli area in lung. Take your vacuole analysis to the next level with measurements including total and average vacuole area, average vacuole diameter and perimeter, and average vacuoles per cell, along with optional per-object data. Leverage this module’s customizable graphing options to summarize and share your data by generating publication-ready histograms of vacuole diameter and area.

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File formats supported by the HALO image analysis platform:

  • Non-proprietary (JPG, TIF, OME.TIFF)
  • Nikon (ND2)
  • 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • Akoya (QPTIFF, component TIFF)
  • Olympus / Evident (VSI)
  • Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • Aperio (SVS, AFI)
  • Zeiss (CZI)
  • Leica (SCN, LIF)
  • Ventana (BIF)
  • Philips (iSyntax, i2Syntax)
  • DICOM (DCM*)
    *whole-slide images

Publication Spotlight

The table below includes publications that cite the Vacuole Quantification module. 

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Title Authors Year Journal Application HALO Modules Product
A suboptimal maternal diet combined with accelerated postnatal growth results in an altered aging profile in the thymus of male rats Tarry-Adkins JL, Aiken CE, Ashmore TJ, Fernandez-Twinn DS, Chen J-H, Ozanne SE 2018 The FASEB Journal Neuroscience, Metabolism Classifier, Vacuole HALO
Phenotypic characterization of Adig null mice suggests roles for adipogenin in the regulation of fat mass accrual and leptin secretion Alvarez-Guaita A, Patel S, Lim K, Haider A, Dong L, Conway OJ, Ma MKL, Chiarugi D, Saudek V, O'Rahilly S, Savage DB 2021 Cell Reports Metabolism Vacuole HALO
Breast adipocyte size associates with ipsilateral invasive breast cancer risk after ductal carcinoma in situ Almekinders MMM, Schaapveld M, Thijssen B, Visser LL, Bismeijer T, Sanders J, Isnaldi E, Hofland I, Mertz M, Wessels LFA, Broeks A, Hooijberg E, Zwart W, Lips EH, Grand Challenge PRECISION Consortium, Desmedt C, Wesseling J 2021 npj Breast Cancer Oncology Vacuole HALO
Allostatic hypermetabolic response in PGC1?/? heterozygote mouse despite mitochondrial defects Rodriguez-Cuenca S, Lelliot C, Campbell M, Peddinti G, Martinuez-UÒa M, Ingvorsen C, Dias A, Relat J, Mora S, Hyˆtyl‰inen T, Zorzano A, Oreöi? M, Bjursell M, Bohlooly-Y M, LindÈn D, Vidal-Puid A 2021 The FASEB Journal Metabolism Vacuole HALO
AST-120 Treatment Alters the Gut Microbiota Composition and Suppresses Hepatic Triglyceride Levels in Obese Mice Hiraga Y, Kubota T, Katoh, M, et al. 2021 Endocrine Research Metabolism Vacuole HALO
Accelerated phosphatidylcholine turnover in macrophages promotes adipose tissue inflammation in obesity Petkevicius K, Virtue S, Bidault G, Jenkins B, Cubuk C, Morgantini C, Aouadi M, Dopazo J, Serlie M, Koulman A, Vidal-Puig A 2019 Elife Classifier, Vacuole HALO
Evaluation of a PEGylated Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Variant Using Novel Preclinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Elastography in a Mouse Model of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Tang H, Li J, Zinker B, Boehm S, Mauer A, Rex-Rabe S, Glaser K, Fronheiser M, Bradstreet T, Nakao Y, Petrone T, Pena A, Villano M, Chow P, Malhi H, Charles E, Hayes W, Ehman R, Du S, Yin M 2022 Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Metabolism Vacuole HALO
Obesity due to Steroid Receptor Coactivator-1 deficiency is associated with endocrine and metabolic abnormalities Cacciottolo T, Henning E, Keogh J, Lassen P, Lawler K, Bounds R, Ahmed R, Perdikari A, Mendes de Oliverira E, Smith M, Godfrey E, Johnson E, Hodson L, Clement K, van der Klaauw A, Farooqi I 2022 The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Metabolism Vacuole HALO
Combined genetic deletion of GDF15 and FGF21 has modest effects on body weight, hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance in high fat fed mice Patel S, Haider A, Alvarez-Guaita A, Bidault G, Moustafa J, Guiu-Jurado E, Tadross J, Warner J, Harrison J, Virtue S, Scurria F, Zvetkova I, Bluher M, Small K, O'Rahilly S, Savage D 2022 Molecular Metabolism Metabolism Vacuole HALO
Defective extracellular matrix remodeling in brown adipose tissue is associated with fibro-inflammation and reduced diet-induced thermogenesis Pellegrinelli V, Figueroa-Juárez E, Samuelson I, U-Din M, Rodriguez-Fdez S, Virtue S, Leggat J, Çubuk C, Peirce V, Niemi T, Campbell M, Rodriguez-Cuenca S, Dopazo Blázquez J, Carobbio S, Virtanen K, Vidal-Puig A 2023 Cell Reports Metabolism Classifier, Area Quantification, Vacuole HALO
Skeletal phenotype amelioration in Mucopolysaccharidosis VI requires intervention at the earliest stages of postnatal development Hwang-Wong E, Amar G, Das N, Zhang X, Aaron N, Gale K, Rothman N, Fante M, Baik A, Bhargava A, Fricker A, McAlister M, Rabinowitz J, Lees-Shepard J, Nannuru K, Economides AN, Cygnar KD 2023 JCI Insight Other Vacuole, Layer Thickness HALO
A monoclonal antibody activating AdipoR for type 2 diabetes and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Asahara N, Okada-Iwabu M, Iwabu M, Wada K, Oka K, Yamauchi T, Kadowaki T 2023 Science Advances Gastroenterology Vacuole HALO

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