Past Webinars

Choosing The Right Foundation: Selecting And Deploying An Image Management System For Diagnostic Digital Pathology

18 May 2023 | In this 60-minute webinar, we will discuss considerations when selecting a digital pathology image management system for clinical diagnostics. In the first half of the event, we pose questions and suggest approaches that your group may adopt when evaluating diagnostic digital pathology platforms. A comprehensive Vendor Evaluation Template will be provided to live attendees to assist in vendor evaluations, helping you more effectively identify a platform that meets your current needs and supports your plans for growth. In the second half of the webinar, we will present a live demonstration of the HALO AP® platform, including how to deploy image analysis and AI-based tools from Indica Labs and third parties for predictive or prognostic support.

Masterclass Webinar 2: Advanced Techniques and Workflows for Multiplex IHC Analysis using HALO® and HALO AI

25 May 2023 | Following up on our Masterclass Webinar 1 for Multiplex IHC analysis, Masterclass 2 will discuss advanced workflows to help users tackle more challenging brightfield multiplex IHC assays. First, we will demonstrate how advanced cell segmentation and phenotyping options using HALO AI can be combined with the multiplex IHC module to improve image analysis. Two alternative approaches for analyzing multiplex IHC will also be demonstrated including a serial stain workflow to convert brightfield images into pseudo-fluorescence images followed by analysis with Highplex FL and a HALO AI-based approach where cell phenotyping is used to identify cells with co-localization of specific stains. We will discuss advantages, disadvantages and use cases for each workflow.