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Object Colocalization FL Module

Simultaneously analyze an unlimited number of fluorescent stains with the HALO® Object Colocalization FL module. This module excels in neuroscience applications that require counting and measuring multiple object types, such as amyloid plaques, neurofibrillary tangles, or microglia. With the option to output data on a per-object level, in-depth analysis of object density, area, diameter, and intensity, as well as colocalizations, if applicable, are just a click away. After analysis, use the intuitive Figure Maker tool to easily export original and markup images as publication-ready graphics.

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File formats supported by the HALO image analysis platform:

  • Non-proprietary (JPG, TIF, OME.TIFF)
  • Nikon (ND2)
  • 3D Histech (MRXS)
  • Akoya (QPTIFF, component TIFF)
  • Olympus / Evident (VSI)
  • Hamamatsu (NDPI, NDPIS)
  • Aperio (SVS, AFI)
  • Zeiss (CZI)
  • Leica (SCN, LIF)
  • Ventana (BIF)
  • Philips (iSyntax, i2Syntax)
  • DICOM (DCM*)
    *whole-slide images

Publication Spotlight

The table below includes publications that cite the Object Colocalization FL module. 

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TitleAuthorsYearJournalApplicationHALO ModulesProduct
Photoacoustic imaging biomarkers for monitoring biophysical changes during nanobubble-mediated radiation treatmentHysi E, Fadhel MN, Wang Y, Sebastian JA, Giles A, Czarnota GJ, Exner AA, Kolios MC2020PhotoacousticsOtherClassifier, Area Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Automated macrophage counting in DLBCL tissue samples: a ROF filter based approachWagner M, Hansel R, Reinke S, Richter J, Altenbuchinger M, Braumann U-D, Spang R, Loffler Mk Klapper W2019Biological Proectures OnlineOncologyObject ColocalizationHALO
Relationship between mismatch repair immunophenotype and long-term survival in patients with resected periampullary adenocarcinoma Heby M, Lundgren S, Nodin B, Elebro J, Eberhard J, JirstrÀÜm K2018Journal of Translational MedicineOncology, Immuno-oncologyObject ColocalizationHALO
Age-related pathology after adenoviral overexpression of the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 in the mouse striatum Kritzingerab A, Ferger B, Gillardon F, Stierstorfer B, Birk G, Kochanek S, Ciossek T2018Neurobiology of AgingNeuroscienceArea Quantification, Object Colocalization, MicrogliaHALO
Pharmacogenetic neuronal stimulation increases human tau pathology and trans-synaptic spread of tau to distal brain regions in mice Schultz MK, Gentzel R, Usenovic M, Gretzul C, Ware C, Parmentier-Batteur S, Schachter JB, Zariwala HA2018Neurobiology of DiseaseNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Comparison of Biologic Effect and Particulate Embolization after Femoral Artery Treatment with Three Drug-Coated Balloons in Healthy Swine Model Torii S, Jinnouchi H, Sakamoto A, Romero ME, Kolodgie FD, Virmani R, Finn AV2018Journal of Vascular and Interventional RadiologyOtherObject ColocalizationHALO
Aging African green monkeys manifest transcriptional, pathological, and cognitive hallmarks of human Alzheimer's disease Cramer PE, Gentzel RC, Tanis KQ, Vardigan J, Wang Y, Connolly B, Manfre P, Lodge K, Renger JJ, Zerbinatti C, Uslaner JM2017Neurobiology of AgingNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Chronic Verubecestat Treatment Suppresses Amyloid Accumulation in Advanced Aged Tg2576-A?PPswe Mice Without Inducing Microhemorrhage Villarreal S, Zhao F, Hyde LA, Holder D, Forest T, Sondey M, Chen X, Sur C, Parker EM, Kennedy ME2017Journal of Alzheime's DiseaseNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
The integrative clinical impact of tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes and NK cells in relation to B lymphocyte and plasma cell density in esophageal and gastric adenocarcinomaSvensson MC, Warfvinge CF, Fristedt R, Hedner C, Borg D, Eberhard J, Micke P, Nodin B, Leandersson K, Jirstrom K2017OncotargetImmuno-oncologyObject ColocalizationHALO
Resistance to Anti-VEGF Therapy Mediated by Autocrine IL6/STAT3 Signaling and Overcome by IL6 Blockade Eichten A, Su J, Adler AP, Zhang L, Ioffe E, Parveen AA, Yancopoulos GD, Rudge J, Lowy I, Lin HC, MacDonald D, Daly C, Duan X, Thurston G2016Cancer ResearchOncology, Immuno-oncology Cytonuclear, Object ColocalizationHALO
Cerebral Protection During MitraClip Implantation: Initial Experience at 2 CentersFrerker C, Schl¸ter M, Sanchez OD, Reith S, Romero ME, Ladich E, Schrˆder J, Schmidt T, Kreidel F, Joner M2016JACC: Cardiovascular InterventionsMyologyObject ColocalizationHALO
The Prognostic Impact of NK/NKT Cell Density in Periampullary Adenocarcinoma Differs by Morphological Type and Adjuvant Treatment Lundgren S, Warfvinge CF, Elebro J, Heby M, Nodin B, Krzyzanowska A, Bjartell A, Leandersson K, Eberhard J, Jirstrom K2016PLOS ONEOncology, Immuno-oncologyObject ColocalizationHALO
Semi-Automated Digital Image Analysis of Pick's Disease and TDP-43 Proteinopathy Irwin DJ, Byrne MD, McMillan CT, Cooper F, Arnold SE, Lee EB, Van Deerlin VM, Xie SX, Lee VM, Grossman M, Trojanowski JQ2015Journal of Histochemistry & CytochemistryNeuroscienceObject Colocalization, Layer ThicknessHALO
Engineered red blood cells as an off-the-shelf allogeneic anti-tumor therapeuticZhang X, Lou M, Dastagir SR, Nixon M, Khamhoung A, Schmidt A, Lee A, Subbiah N, McLaughlin DC, Moore CL, Gribble M, Bayhi N, Amin V, Pepi R, Pawar S, Lyford TJ, Soman V, Mellen J, Carpenter CL, Turka LA, Wickham Tj, Chen TF2021Nature CommunicationsOncologyObject Colocalization, Highplex FLHALO
Wound healing with topical BRAF inhibitor therapy in a diabetic model suggests tissue regenerative effectsEscuin-Ordinas H, Liu Y, Hufo W, Dimatteo R, Huang R, Krystofinski P, Azhdam A, Lee J, Comin-Anduix B, Cochran A, Lo R, Segura T, Scumpia P, Ribas A2021PLOS ONEDermatologyObject Colocalization, Multiplex IHCHALO
Acute brain inflammation, white matter oxidative stress, and myelin deficiency in a model of neonatal intraventricular hemorrhageGoulding DS, Vogel RC, Gensel JC, Morganti JM, Stromberg AJ, Miller BA2020Journal of NeuroscienceImmunology, NeuroscienceArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Promyelocytic leukemia protein promotes the phenotypic switch of smooth muscle cells in atherosclerotic plaques of human coronary arteriesKarle W, Becker S, Stenzel P, Knosalla C, Siegel G, Baum O, Zakrzewicz A, Berkholz J2021Clinical ScienceMyologyArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Mitochondria exert age-divergent effects on recovery from spinal cord injuryStewart A, McFarlane K, Vekaria H, Bailey W, Slone S, Tranthem L, Zhang B, Patel S, Sullivan P, Gensel J2021Experimental NeurologyNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
The GBA1 D409V mutation exacerbates synuclein pathology to differing extents in two alpha-synuclein modelsPolinski N, Martinez T, Ramboz S, Sasner M, Herberth M, Switzer R, Ahmad S, Pelligrino L, Clark S, Marcus J, Smith S, Dave K, Frasier M2022Disease Models & MechanismsNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Intraoperative abobotulinumtoxinA alleviates pain after surgery and improves general wellness in a translational animal modelCornet S, Carre D, Limana L, Castel D, Meilin S, Horn R, Pons L, Evans S, Lezmi S, Kalinichev M2022Research SquareOtherArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Combined Blockade of GARP:TGF-?1 and PD-1 Increases Infiltration of T Cells and Density of Pericyte-Covered GARP+†Blood Vessels in Mouse MC38 TumorsBertrand C, Van Meerbeeck P, de Streel G, Vaherto-Bleeckx N, Benhaddi F, Rouaud L, Noel A, Coulie P, van Baren N, Lucas S2022Frontiers of ImmunologyImmuno-oncologyCytonuclear, Object ColocalizationHALO
Inflammatory Pathways Are Impaired in Alzheimer Disease and Differentially Associated With Apolipoprotein E StatusKloske C, Dugan A, Weekman E, Winder Z, Patel E, Nelson P, Fardo D, Wilcock D2021Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental NeurologyNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Aristolochic acid I promoted clonal expansion but did not induce hepatocellular carcinoma in adult ratsLiu Y, Lu H, Qi X, Xing G, Wang X, Yu P, Liu L, Yang F, Ding X, Deng Z, Gong L, Ren J2021Acta Pharmacologica SinicaOncologyObject ColocalizationHALO
High endothelial venules associated with better prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaLi H, Tang L, Han X, Zhong L, Gao W, Chen Y, Huang J, Wen Z2022Annals of Diagnostic PathologyOncologyObject Colocalization, Spatial Analysis, Highplex FLHALO
Somatostatin slows Aβ plaque deposition in aged APPNL-F/NL-F mice by blocking Aβ aggregationWilliams D, Yan B, Wang H, Negm L, Sackmann C, Verkuyl C, Rezai-Stevens V, Eid S, Vediya N, Sato C, Watts J, Wille H, Schmitt-Ulms G2023Scientific ReportsNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
The localization of molecularly distinct microglia populations to Alzheimer's disease pathologies using QUIVERShahidehpour R, Nelson A, Sanders L, Embry C, Nelson P, Bachstetter A2023Acta Neuropathologica CommunicationsNeuroscienceArea Quantification, Object Colocalization, Spatial Analysis, Registration
Soluble TNF mediates amyloid-independent, diet-induced alterations to immune and neuronal functions in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse modelMacPherson K, Eidson L, Houser M, Weiss B, Gollihue J, Herrick M, Rodrigues M, Sniffen L, Weekman E, Hamilton A, Kelly S, Oliver D, Yang Y, Chang J, Sampson T, Norris C, Tansey M2023Frontiers in Cellular NeuroscienceNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Chronic immune activation and gut barrier dysfunction is associated with neuroinflammation in ART-suppressed SIV+ rhesus macaquesByrnes S, Busman-Sahay K, Angelovich T, Younger S, Taylor-Brill S, Nekorchuk M, Bondoc S, Dannay R, Terry M, Cochrane C, Jenkins T, Roche M, Deleage C, Bosinger S, Paiardini M, Brew B, Estes J, Churchill M2023PLOS PathogensInfectious DiseaseArea Quantification, Object Colocalization, ISH, Highplex FLHALO
Early chronic suppression of microglial p38α in a model of Alzheimer’s disease does not significantly alter amyloid-associated neuropathologyBraun D, Frazier H, Davis V, Coleman M, Rogers C, Van Eldik L2023PLOS OneNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Modifying antibody-FcRn interactions to increase the transport of antibodies through the blood-brain barrierTien J, Leonoudakis D, Petrova R, Trinh V, Taura T, Sengupta D, Jo L, Sho A, Yun Y, Doan E, Jamin A, Hallak H, Wilson D, Stratton J2023mABSNeuroscienceClassifier, Area Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Atorvastatin rescues hyperhomocysteinemia-induced cognitive deficits and neuroinflammatory gene changesWeekman E, Johnson S, Rogers C, Sudduth T, Xie K, Qiao Q, Fardo D, Bottiglieri T, Wilcock D2023Journal of NeuroinflammationNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Altered expression, but small contribution, of the histone demethylase KDM6A in obstructive uropathy in miceHong LYQ, Yeung ESH, Tran DT, Yerra VGY, Kaur HK, Kabir MDG, Advani SL, Liu Y, Batchu SN, Advani A2023Disease Models & MechanismsGastroenterologyArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
LINC01638 Sustains Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Competency for Osteogenic Cell FateGordon J, Tye C, Banerjee B, Ghule P, Wijnen A, Kabala F, Page N, Falcone M, Stein J, Stein G, Lian J2023Research SquareOtherObject Colocalization, FISHHALO
Distinct Patterns of Hippocampal Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease with Transactive Response DNA-binding Protein 43Minogue G, Kawles A, Zouridakis A, Keszycki R, Macomber A, Lubbat V, Gill N, Mao Q, Flanagan ME, Zhang H, Castellani R, Bigio EH, Mesulam M-M, Geula C, Gefen T2023Annals of NeurologyNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
Regional and cellular iron deposition patterns predict clinical subtypes of multiple system atrophyLee S, Martinez-Valbuena I, Lang AE, Kovacs GG2023Research SquareNeuroscienceArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Empowering Renal Cancer Management with AI and Digital Pathology: Pathology, Diagnostics and PrognosisIvanova E, Fayzullin A, Grinin V, Ermilov D, Arutyunyan A, Timashev P, Shekhter A2023BiomedicinesReviewClassifier, Area Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO, HALO AI
Association between APOE genotype and microglial cell morphologyKloske C, Gearon M, Weekman E, Rogers C, Patel E, Bachstetter A, Nelson P, Wilcock D2023Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental NeurologyneuroscienceObject Colocalization, MicrogliaHALO
Disease pathology signatures in a mouse model of Mucopolysaccharidosis type IIIBPetrova R, Patil AR, Trinh V, McElroy KE, Bhakta M, Tien J, Wilson DS, Warren L, Stratton JR2023Scientific ReportsNeuroscience, MetabolismClassifier, Area Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Distinct Involvement of the Cranial and Spinal Nerves in Progressive Supranuclear PalsyTanaka H, Martinez-Valbuena I, Forrest SL, Couto B, Reyes NG, Morales-Rivero A, Lee S, Li J, Karakani AM, Tang-Wai DF, Tator C, Khadadadi M, Sadia N, Tartaglia MC, Lang AE, Kovacs GG2023BrainNeuroscienceObject ColocalizationHALO
A proteome-wide screen identifies the calcium binding proteins, S100A8/S100A9, as clinically relevant therapeutic targets in aortic dissectionJiang H, Zhao Y, Su M, Sun L, Chen M, Zhang Z, Ilyas I, Wang Z, Little P J, Wang L, Weng J, Ge J, Xu S2023Pharmacological ResearchOtherObject ColocalizationHALO
ApoER2-Dab1 disruption as the origin of pTau-associated neurodegeneration in sporadic Alzheimer’s diseaseRamsden C, Zamora D, Horowitz M, Jahanipour J, Calzada E, Li X, Keyes G, Murray H, Curtis M, Faull R, Sedlock A, Maric D2023Acta Neuropathologica CommunicationsNeuroscienceArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Induction of double-strand breaks with the non-steroidal androgen receptor ligand flutamide in patients on androgen suppression: a study protocol for a randomized, double-blind prospective trialLee E, Coulter J, Mishra A, Caramella-Pereira F, Demarzo A, Rudek M, Hu C, Han M, DeWeese TL, Yegnasubramanian S, Song DY2023TrialsOncologyObject Colocalization, ISHHALO
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Amelioration of Tumor-Promoting Microenvironment via Vascular Remodeling and CAF Suppression using E7130: Biomarker Analysis by Multi-modal Imaging ModalitiesIto K, Yamaguchi M, Semba T, Tabata K, Tamura M, Aoyama M, Abe T, Asano O, Terada Y, Funashashi Y, Fujii H2023Molecular Cancer TherapeuticsOncologyArea Quantification, Object ColocalizationHALO
Retinoic acid signaling regulates spatiotemporal specification of human green and red conesHadyniak SE, Hagen JF, Eldred KC, Brenerman B, Hussey KA, McCoy RC, Sauria MEG, Kuchenbecker JA, Reh T, Glass I, Neitz M, Neitz J, Taylor J, Johnston Jr RJ2024Plos BiologyOtherObject ColocalizationHALO
Female mice display sex-specific differences in cerebrovascular function and subarachnoid haemorrhage-induced injuryDinh DD, Wan H, Lidington D, Bolz SS2024EBioMedicineNeuroscienceObject Colocalization, MicrogliaHALO

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