Towards Open Pathology: Facilitating Development of Novel AI-based Tools for Digital Pathology through Collaboration and Integration

16 October 2022 | In this 1-hour workshop, Eric Runde, Chief Operating Officer at Indica Labs, will introduce Indica’s platforms, our collaborative approach to incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into life science and clinical workflows, and the open pathology tools available to developers and industry partners. Dr. Peter Caie, Principal Scientist of AI Collaborations at Indica Labs, will present case studies of customer collaborations resulting in the development and validation of commercially available and inter-operable AI algorithms addressing customer needs.

Adoption of the HALO® Platform at Caris Life Sciences’ High Volume Digital Pathology Laboratory

17 October 2021 | In this one-hour pre-conference workshop, Indica Labs is pleased to host Dr. Matthew Oberley, Executive Medical Director at Caris Life Sciences, who will present a case study on deploying HALO AP® case management software in their high-volume, fully digital, anatomic pathology lab. Dr. Oberley will discuss the challenges and selection criteria that led to the adoption of HALO AP, describe the integration into their laboratory workflows, and, finally, touch on the rollout progress and future plans to utilize HALO and HALO AI.