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HALO Image Analysis Masterclass Series: Indica Labs Tech Toolbox Webinar

1 April 2021 | The Indica Labs software products have a number of additional tools to extend the utility of our products beyond the HALO user interface most users are familiar with. These tools allow users to query the underlying database for metadata imported to HALO Link, integrate with LIMS, plugin convolutional neural networks not available in HALO, write analysis modules from scratch, and more....


Indica Labs is excited to continue our HALO® Masterclass Webinar Series this autumn. Each masterclass webinar will offer a deep dive into a specific module or capability within our HALO, HALO AI, HALO Link or HALO AP platforms, presented by our expert team of application scientists who train and support our customer base worldwide. These webinars are suitable for prospective customers who want to see a more in depth demonstration as well as current users looking for refresher training or additional...