HALO Modules

Lung PD-L1 AI

Lung PD-L1 AI is an automated, AI-based decision-support tool that standardizes scoring of PD-L1 IHC in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) on whole slide images (WSI) in accordance with clinical scoring guidelines. Lung PD-L1 AI is seamlessly integrated into the HALO AP® diagnostic digital pathology platform.

SlideQC BF

SlideQC BF for HALO AP® is an automated, AI-powered application for H&E stained digitized slides that detects the most common artifacts including air bubbles, dust/debris, folds, out-of-focus areas, and pen marks generated during the process of slide preparation and whole slide imaging. It is seamlessly integrated into the HALO AP diagnostic digital pathology platform.

Branch Structure FL

Analyze branch-like structures such as retinal vessels or cortical neurons in fluorescence.

HALO Prostate AI

HALO Prostate AI, from Indica Labs, is a CE-IVD certified deep learning based screening tool designed to assist pathologists in the identification and grading of prostate cancer in core needle biopsies.

Microglial Activation FL

Quantify microglial activation in fluorescence based on detection of microglia, soma, and processes, by counting branch points, and by determining area, length, and thickness of processes.

Branch Structure

Quantify branched objects such as capillaries in brightfield.

Muscle Fiber

Quantifies area, diameter, and perimeter of muscle fibers stained with laminin or other fiber membrane stain.

Analysis Cluster Add-on

Designed for organization with large volume of slides or users, analysis clusters speed up analysis by facilitating simultaneous processing of multiple images in parallel.

Islet FL

Count pancreatic islets fluorescently-labeled with up to three dyes, quantify number of dye positive cells per islet and area of dye positivity per islet.

Object Colocalization

Count one or two objects and measure the object area, diameter, stain intensity, and colocalization (where applicable). Microvessel and amyloid plaque quantification are most common applications.